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Projektzusammenarbeit mit ProjectPlace hilft uns, Dinge zu erledigen

Veröffentlicht By Jason Hunter
Projektzusammenarbeit mit ProjectPlace hilft uns, Dinge zu erledigen

In the past, project collaboration hasn’t always been easy.  We were having to use multiple sites or applications to track projects. There would be content stored in different locations, many times with projects never being updated, which made it difficult to truly know the status of a project. We have previously used SharePoint and online storage drives for collaborative work management. SharePoint was okay, but it wasn’t used or updated often enough. For the online storage drives, you would run into the problem of having a self-created structure. Many sub-folders hiding more folders within folders would make it confusing and frustrating to find what you were looking for. We needed a tool that could enhance project management skills.

We switched to ProjectPlace and now use it daily, even more often than Outlook. It’s how we get work done! It’s made us more efficient by providing the ability to track our projects, assign tasks, and it has an awesome documentation feature where we can upload and review content across our global team. Anytime a new training video is released on the Planview Customer Success Center, I look at how my team and I can incorporate the new feature.

The boards are my favorite feature. The visualization provided by the Kanban boards makes it easy to identify the status of all our projects at a glance! I particularly like being able to move my cards along the different phases of the project, with no need to sort through endless emails or sticky notes to know what’s going on. It’s right there in front of you. I can keep my team informed on corporate projects as a site discussion and track activities for the Customer Experience team.

My advice to departments wanting to strengthen their project management skills is to use Projectplace! It’s fantastic, the best collaboration tool I have used. It’s easy to get started, and there are many self-guided videos on the Customer Success Center to get you on your way. Utilize other power users to assist in the learning process. Create your team in Projectplace, and get a team champion to drive success.

To learn more about Projectplace, visit the website and download your free trial today. For more information on how ProjectPlace can benefit each department in your organization, check out the following use-case blogs, covering: Public Relations, Human ResourcesBlog Management, Cross-Department Communication, Demand Generation Marketing, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Renewals, RFP Project Planning, Sales Team CollaborationCustomer Experience, Solutions Marketing, and Sales Project Management.

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