Want Your AI Strategy to Win? Don’t Overlook Employee Engagement.

Most strategies carry with them a failure rate of 60-90%. If leaders want their AI bets to pay off, they need to transform strategy implementation from organizational weakness to core competency. Uncover why engagement matters from strategy to execution, plus four actions leaders can take to improve engagement across their organization.

Calculating the Six Hidden Costs of Waste in Software Development 

Nothing frustrates software developers more than working hard on something that never ends up providing value. Whether because of changing priorities, miscommunication among teams, or other blockers, the hidden cost of waste can significantly impact productivity and bottom lines. The challenge lies not just in recognizing the presence of waste but in identifying exactly where resources...

Choosing Your AI Use Case: A Prioritization Framework

Whether you’re just entering the AI arena or it’s your umpteenth time returning, you’ll need a framework in place to gather ideas and prioritize the best ones, minimize the risk you’ll face, and continually assess your opportunities. These executive insights from a recent panel discussion on AI in the enterprise provide the basis for an AI use case decision-making framework that can be applied to quickly identify the right use case.