People Make the Difference: A Day in the Life of Senior DevOps Engineer Asare Nkansah  

While DevOps involves programming and engineering skills, its true center is people. See how senior DevOps engineer Asare Nkansah uses his love of working with people and his investments in personal development to keep DevOps focused on team members and customers.    Explain your role as a senior DevOps engineer and a few of your responsibilities. ...

Are You Working on the Right Things? The Power of Collaborative Channels

One of the most important decisions people in organizations make on a daily basis at all levels is choosing how to spend resources. The principal question they must ask themselves: Are we spending time on the most beneficial improvement opportunities? Intelligent use of resources manifests in improved internal functions, delightful customer experiences, productive partnerships, winning...

Navigating the Shift from Project to Product: A Map for Success 

While the project to product paradigm shift holds the promise of reduced time-to-market and heightened agility, it also presents hurdles, with McKinsey noting that initiatives often lose approximately 42 percent of their projected value as they progress into later stages. Learn how to navigate this transformation and maximize its benefits with this comprehensive roadmap for business and technology leaders.

Choosing the Right Path: Building vs Buying Value Stream Integration Software

Organizations often face a crucial decision when investing in a value stream integration solution: should they build a custom value stream integration solution in-house or invest in a pre-built one? Explore the intricacies of this decision-making process, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each option and understanding the scenarios in which investing in a ready-made commercial solution is most beneficial.

From Developer to Marketer: A Day in the Life of Yadhu Krishnan, Retention Marketing Manager

Yadhu Krishnan considers himself more logical than creative. That’s what gives him an  advantage as a retention marketing manager—the first role he’s had that is involved with the customer side instead of the go-to-market (GTM) side. Read about his journey to this position, how his background is building his creativity, and what he thought of...