The Missing Puzzle Piece: How to Connect Planning to Delivery

This blog post examines how to efficiently turn strategies into actions, highlighting Value Stream Management (VSM) as a critical method to streamline work from conception to delivery, ensuring strategies get executed effectively.

Navigating Change: A Blueprint for Taming Strategic Drift 

Strategic drift could cost organizations up to $1.4 trillion dollars a year by 2026. In this blog post, you’ll uncover a three-part blueprint for navigating organizational change, enabling you to address some of the key interpersonal components of failed strategies.

How Professional Services Subscription Offerings Drive Value

As a professional services leader, you’re probably all too aware of the limits of one-off software implementation methods. In today’s business landscape, these outdated methods fail to meet clients’ standards for flexibility and optimization. Too often, they create a gap between an organization’s strategy and its actual implementation. This leads to delays, poor performance, and...

Top 10 Product Development and Innovation Management Predictions for 2024

As we welcome the new year, we asked our team of product innovation experts and thought leaders to identify trends they’re seeing across the industry and within our customer implementations. Ten key trends surfaced from that request with great potential for driving innovation, reshaping R&D practices, and redefining product portfolio management. The trends outlined in...