Reinforcing Value Through Sustainable Products and Processes

For many products-led organizations, prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities, and thus sustainability initiatives, is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. 54% of consumers will only do business with companies that practice environmental and social sustainability. The current sustainability movement is primarily driven by customer perceived value — and 63% of executives agree...

PMO Case Study Roundup: Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Could the secret to maximizing business value in a down economy lie within your PMO? The best PMOs prove their value and continually find new ways to contribute to the overall efficiency and lowered cost of the business, all while unlocking capacity. 

Planview Leverages AWS: Enhancing Security, Scalability, and Innovation

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), once said, “Dance like nobody is watching. Encrypt like everyone is.” The company’s commitment to security is just one of the reasons AWS is Planview’s preferred public cloud provider. Using the AWS global cloud infrastructure and services, we have the computing power, high availability, and flexibility needed to host and advance our connected platform of solutions.

Why Proactive Change Management is the Right Approach to Transformation (Part 1)

Organizational change management (OCM) -- an approach to transformation that champions the “people side of change” -- is one of the best strategies you can use to improve the effectiveness of your transformation initiatives. Why? People are the common denominator in every change, large and small.   And the more intentional you are about including the people in your company and communicating clearly with them, the more successful your change will be.