Addressing the Challenges of Managing Capital Investments and Expenditures   

Businesses simply cannot afford to get capital investment and expenditures (CapEx) management wrong – here’s what to look for in a smarter CapEx management solution.​​​​Effective capital ​investment and expenditure (CapEx) ​management ensures that financial resources are directed towards investments and initiatives that offer the highest potential return​s​ and align with the company's strategic objectives. Conversely, poor capital decisions can lead to wasted resources, missed opportunities, and reduced competitiveness, jeopardizing the company's financial health and future prospects.  

What We Learned from the 2024 Vision Award Winners

Join us in celebrating our customers' outstanding achievements, dedication, and future ambitions with Planview's solutions. The Planview Vision Awards honor visionary organizations that have excelled in achieving their strategic objectives while pushing us to deliver better products and services.

Planview’s Week of Giving: A Global Force for Good 

Last week, we marked another inspiring chapter in Planview’s commitment to social responsibility with the annual Week of Giving.   Under the broader Force for Good initiative, teams across the globe engaged in local activities that not only strengthened communities but also showcased the spirit of volunteerism among our employees.   Our Week of Giving...

Want Your AI Strategy to Win? Don’t Overlook Employee Engagement.

Most strategies carry with them a failure rate of 60-90%. If leaders want their AI bets to pay off, they need to transform strategy implementation from organizational weakness to core competency. Uncover why engagement matters from strategy to execution, plus four actions leaders can take to improve engagement across their organization.