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Projektmanagement im Demand Generation Marketing

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Projektmanagement im Demand Generation Marketing

As a demand-generation marketer, it is my job to get customers excited about our company’s products and services. The programs I manage through e-mail campaigns and social media create touch points with our customers. Project management in demand generation marketing has many challenges, including organizing and planning. If your job includes long- and short-term projects, from the simple to the complex, you can probably relate.

On any given day, I have multiple projects going on that each require individual attention to detail to be successful. With so many different tasks that need to be completed, it can be difficult to keep everything organized and on track. Demand generation also faces the problem of effectively planning campaigns. A campaign often requires multiple activities and tactics, each requiring multiple steps to be created. To be optimally effective, these demand gen activities need to be spaced out over time. Running more than one campaign at once further complicates this, which is why planning is such a challenge in demand generation.

Here are a few ways I use ProjectPlace to support my demand generation activities to keep things organized.

Organization in Demand Generation:

To combat organizational challenges, I’ve created a calendar in the Kanban section. I’ve created a view with each card representing an email, webinar, demo etc., and they are color coded accordingly. This makes it easy to visually see what’s what. Each card allows me to create a checklist within the card to ensure that I’ve completed all the steps I need to. This is extremely helpful since each email campaign requires multiple steps and a high degree of attention to detail. Being able to visibly see everything I’m working on ensures that I don’t miss any tasks and stay on track to complete my deadlines. The visibility I have allows me to ensure a high level of quality of email campaigns.

Planning in Demand Generation:

Having a clear view of upcoming tasks and campaigns is often difficult, so I use ProjectPlace daily when I’m planning email sends. The calendar view I’ve created helps me plan resends, and create consistency in emails, without overwhelming my audience. I can also assign a card to someone, which makes delegating tasks and assigning accountability clear. Once a task is completed, I’m notified, which streamlines the review process. The ability to assign tasks to team members speaks to the need for project management in demand generation, surrounding team efforts on getting emails and campaigns ready.

How ProjectPlace compares:

Compared to previous software I have used, ProjectPlace combines their functionality into one. Rather than using multiple tools like Atlassian for planning, or Asana for task organization, I now only use Projectplace. It makes it easier to keep track of everything when it’s all in one place. Less really is more! I’m enjoying taking advantage of Projectplace’s flexibility of use, too. It’s been fun to get creative and customize my board to work best for my needs.

I encourage anyone in demand gen who’s looking to be more organized and effective at planning to try Projectplace. You can start by checking out the demand gen template (see the blog “ProjectPlace Template Library is Here” for all the available templates). Start using it, and invite your team to do the same to start overcoming the challenges that come with the demand gen space. Sign up for a free trial today!

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