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Wish You Had a “Google Maps” for Initiative Execution?

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Change (Really) Is The Only Constant.

“The pace of technological and digital advance was rated as the top threat facing global business leaders, surpassing the current churn of economic, political, and environmental changes.” (Forbes)

Change is everywhere. And, it’s not just about technology. The very fabric of tried-and-true business models are being turned upside down almost on a daily basis. Giant enterprises, (Kodak and Nokia, anyone?), which had been market leaders for decades – now play a very different role in their industries.

And, newcomers with novel monetization strategies are unexpectedly becoming the new principals. 

In this complex and very dynamic business environment, the executive team needs to be faster and more agile than ever in their journey to achieve strategic objectives.

Executives need to have visibility to all relevant data , and to be able to collaborate immediately to assess the significance of the data, so they can select the best path towards their destination, or even change the route mid-way, if the data indicates it’s needed. Moreover, it’s critical to be able to effectively and efficiently align the team, and to continually track the impact of these new changes.

This is what it means to be agile.

But, it is nearly impossible to be as agile when driving initiatives as we are when we are driving our cars . This is because initiatives need a tool like we have for driving, like Google Maps or Waze. These apps can collect and aggregate all the available data in real time, enable collaboration, adjust the route as needed, communicate the changes for alignment, and perform ongoing data collection and journey tracking to make sure that this indeed is the optimal route.

The 5 Pillars of “Google Mapping” Initiative Execution

To get this kind of Google Maps-enabled agility, today’s Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, and other c-suite executives charged with owning strategy execution, need to be able to:

  • Easily access all the internal and external data that is relevant to the initiative;
  • Collaborate easily and with context, to assess and discuss opportunities and changes (without having to wait for the bi-weekly or monthly meeting);
  • Change the route as needed as based on real-time, data-driven decisions;
  • Align the entire management team on new decisions;
  • Track the impact of decisions for making further route changes if needed, or stay the course.

The Benefits of a “Google Maps” for Initiative Execution

When navigating and executing strategic initiatives like Google Maps navigates and executes drives – then you have the visibility that is needed for making data-driven decisions. You can also collaborate with effectiveness and efficiency like never before possible. Ultimately, this results in the agility that is required to successfully execute initiatives in a complex and dynamic business environment.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means:


To be proactive instead of reactive to the changes that are continually charging at full speed ahead, so we don’t have to ask:

  • Is this initiative still relevant and aligned with market dynamics?
  • Are execution milestones being met on time?
  • Is the executive aligned and actively meeting assigned responsibilities?

To get to our destination, we shouldn’t have to ask these questions. We need visibility across our team.


We need tight, effective collaboration, to work together with flexibility regardless of the location or time zones of the initiative team members. We need to be able to discuss new events in real time, communicate the decisions to every team member, and receive acknowledgement from the relevant stakeholders – that they are aware of the decision and that they are handling the action items with which they are charged.


As a result of having visibility and ensuring effective collaboration, we then have agility.And, agility can only happen when we eliminate tactical time-wasters, and are able to focus more the job of making strategy and vision happen.

This is where the Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle App comes in.

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle, Your Google Maps for Initiative Execution

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle is an initiative management platform. It brings visibility to every initiative KPI and task, and drives effective collaboration by providing a virtual meeting space for complex, cross-functional teams to communicate, update, and get the mission accomplished.This way, you get the agility that is mandatory for executing strategic initiatives successfully.

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle serves as your “Google Maps” for strategy execution by providing real-time information about the drivers of strategy, with input on the speed of execution (against KPIs), highlighting the hurdles on the road, and improving the journey towards the strategic destination.

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle enables executives to better understand where they are, how to get to where they want to be, make changes in real time when needed, and even change the destination if the cost-benefit doesn’t make sense.

With Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle – you finally get the visibility and enable the collaboration you need to be truly agile in today’s demanding business environment.


About Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle 

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle is an initiative management platform that optimizes executive collaboration, delivers visibility, and enables the agility required to successfully execute strategic initiatives.

To see how Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle can help you too with initiative execution, we invite you to schedule a quick demo by contacting :  


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