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Doug Williams

Innovation Architect

Doug Williams is an Innovation Consultant at Planview who provides strategic guidance and implementation services to innovation leaders at some of Planview Spigit’s most respected Fortune 500 customers. He designs programs to raise innovation competency throughout the company while delivering measurable business outcomes and increasing employee engagement. Prior to joining Spigit 4.5 years ago, Doug was an analyst at Forrester Research where he launched and led Forrester’s coverage of open innovation and co-creation, with a focus on how technology enables collaboration among diverse groups. He also served as Chief Research Officer at Innovation Excellence .

3 Actions To Make Your Diverse Organization More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion have become prominent topics for organizations of all sizes over the past 12 months. While the Black Lives Matter movement and subsequent conversations, debates, and arguments certainly didn’t start the discussion, they have highlighted the importance of Diversity and Inclusion efforts on a global scale – leading many organizations to recognize where...

5 Things 2020 Taught Us About Innovation

The end of any year – but especially the end of the most bizarre 12 months of our present human experience – brings a period of reflection and learning. And if there was a teachable moment for businesses in 2020, the overarching lesson (if not the most obvious one) is that unprecedented change requires an unprecedented response of agility and innovation. In this article, we’ll unpack the ways in which companies responded to such a turbulent year. You’ll learn five...

Crowdsourcing Software: Driving Virtual Workplace Engagement

Researchers today anticipate a dramatic increase in employees working from home starting in the next two years — a trend that will likely accelerate given recent global events. With the shift towards remote work comes the need for organizations to engage their employees in different ways. A variety of tools, such as video conferencing, communications, and crowdsourcing software, exist to address...

Why Measuring the Value of Your Innovation Program from Day One is Important

Every year Spigit conducts its “State of Crowdsourced Innovation” customer study to better understand how our customers build and manage their innovation programs. As we analyze this data year over year, we can see trends emerge and see how what’s important to them changes over time. One of the key findings from this research is...