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Alex Glabman

Product Manager

As Planview LeanKit's Product Manager, Alex enjoys simplifying the complex for prospects and customers. With hands-on experience implementing Lean and Agile across organizations and a passion for surfacing data, Alex is a champion for continuous improvement, eating elephants one bite at a time. Vanderbilt alum; dog lover; bourbon nerd.

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Lean Coffee Format for Virtual Teams

What is a Lean Coffee?   The Lean Coffee format is a structured, but agenda-less, meeting designed to facilitate collaborative group discussions. “How can you have structure without an agenda?” you might ask. Allow me to explain.  Seattle-based Lean thinkers Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith are credited with the invention of Lean Coffee. They wanted to start a regular discussion...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Work Management for Teams

Measuring Batch Size, WIP, and Throughput

The part 1 of this series, 5 Lean and Agile Metrics to Measure Track with Your Team: Lead Time and Cycle Time, I shared two of the five Lean and Agile metrics to track. In this blog, we’ll talk about measuring batch size, WIP, and throughput. Let’s get started. The goal for any Agile team is...

Enterprise Agile Planning

5 Lean and Agile Metrics to Track with Your Team

Management expert Peter Drucker is quoted as saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” something most product managers or reporting nerds would agree with—especially when it comes to trying to improve the workflow of a development team. That said, not everyone is as chummy with Lean and Agile metrics as I am, which is...

Work Management for Teams

Measuring and Reporting with LeanKit

Whether you’re a team member, project manager or executive, find out how LeanKit’s reports and analytics give you the insights you need to measure and improve your delivery success. About This Webinar During this session, I’ll take a look at the following roles: Teams: Continuously measure and improve using Lean metrics that focus on flow, throughput...