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Esther Porter-Quinn

Esther Porter-Quinn is the Field Marketing Manager for Northern Europe at Planview. She is an accomplished marketing professional in both B2B/B2C across the Technology, Media, Finance, and Professional Services sectors. She has extensive experience in marketing strategy, planning, developing brand awareness, and communications in an international environment.

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Focusing on Customer Value with Agile Program Management

Virtually all major corporations today use Agile in some capacity to accelerate value delivery. With more organizations needing to find solutions that enable faster value returns, Agile Program Management has quickly become a central practice in many businesses. In the recent webinar Aligning Around Customer Value: From Outputs to Outcomes Are you really Agile or...

Customer Success

Royal Bank of Scotland Received Project Award

We are excited to announce that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was named winner of the Project Award for Operational Efficiency at the 2019 Real IT Awards Ceremony in London. Lead by Stephen Marjot, the Change Centre of Excellence team set out to a clear vision in mind––to make RBS the industry leader in...

Agile Program Management

Scale Agile Delivery within Your Organisation

There’s a growing interest to incorporate Scaled Agile Delivery principles across the organisation. Companies are learning how lean and agile delivery methods are impacting visibility, strategic alignment, funding, and accountability. It’s a new way of working—one that comes with challenges to overcome, but worth the effort as it can positively influence strategic agility. In the...


Troux 14: Sneak Peak of PM Today Review

Organizations often struggle when it comes to effectively managing their IT assets in support of their business goals. That’s why senior management will typically turn to enterprise architecture tools such as Troux 14 for help with high-level strategic planning and road mapping. These tools also help them better understand the cross-dependencies of future requirements—not to...

Product Portfolio Management

Step Up Product Innovation by Understanding Resource Capacity

Innovation is the engine that brings new ideas and products to market. These great ideas can make a big difference when it comes to staying competitive and creating new revenue streams. But knowing which ones to push and when to deliver them is the tough part. How can you innovate if you don’t have the right...

Product Portfolio Management

The Secret Sauce to Creating Innovation Capacity

The 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study revealed that increasingly more organisations understand the importance and value of capacity planning.  The number one pain point year over year for most companies is too few resources for too many projects. Sound familiar? Innovation thrives when organisations can better plan and create innovation capacity. Many...