Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), once the stuff of science fiction novels, is now not only a reality but is rapidly breaking into mainstream use. The right AI-based tools allow organizations to bridge disparate data silos, extract meaningful insights from their data, and make better, faster decisions. Learn how the newest innovations in AI can help enterprises speed time-to-value and deliver better business outcomes. Survive and thrive in this latest age of digital disruption.

Productivity, AI, and the Future of Digital Connected Work

Productivity has long been a source of curiosity and study for Planview’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mik Kersten. In a June interview on NYSE Floor Talk, he discussed the topic -- and how Planview’s mission to support digitally connected work can improve productivity.

3 Ways to Enable Smarter Product Development with AI

The adoption and application of AI/ML technologies and capabilities are becoming more commonplace and widespread throughout all industries. Since 2017 this has become especially true in product-driven organizations. For those who may have been slow to catch on or perceive significant skill gaps in AI/ML, scrambling to keep pace might be a scary place to...

Biopharma Portfolio Management Trends to Look Out For

We were pleased to sponsor two occasions of the WHY Summit’s Annual Pharma & Biotech Project, Program, and Portfolio Management conferences in Basel, Switzerland, and Philadelphia, U.S. It was a pleasure to share and connect with so many members of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We also came away with some fantastic insights and...