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Agile Transformation: 10 Lessons Learned (so far) on our Agile Journey

Lean & Agile Delivery

Agile Transformation: 10 Lessons Learned (so far) on our Agile Journey

As a product leader, I get the question all the time: “Do you use your own products?” The answer is, “Of course we do.” It’s certainly true, but up until this point, usage was mainly in a department by department basis, with each department…

Product Portfolio Management

Product Innovation Management at Work: Real-World Use Cases

In today’s race to digital convergence, it’s becoming more imperative to engineer product innovation management into the development process. This is about more than coming up with good ideas. From a product development standpoint, Tech-Clarity…


Without You, There Is No 12. That Is the Answer.

We have a saying here at Planview. We’ve been saying it so long that it’s become part of our culture. One person starts it, another finishes it. Without You, There Is No Us Our CEO, Greg Gilmore, coined it years ago. He was addressing our customers…

Project Portfolio Management

7 Critical Capabilities Professional Services Must Master

Critical Capabilities for Professional Services According to the recent paper by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), The State of Professional Services: 2013, recent trends in cloud computing and managed service models…

Project Portfolio Management

SRP and PSA—There IS a Difference—Part 1

As a follow up to a recent Webcast I participated in titled, The Missing Perspective: A Resource View for Service Driven Organizations, I wanted to begin a dialog around the key take-a-ways addressed in the Webcast as it provides a new perspective…

Product Portfolio Management

Top 5 Tips for Capturing the Voice of Your Customer

Product Development managers know how critical it is to develop products people want. How do you figure that out without simply guessing? How do you ensure your choice of which product or service to produce wasn’t just your opinion?…

Product Portfolio Management

5 Game Changers in Product Management – Part 2

Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to read Part 1 of this 2-part blog series. Carrie Nauyalis began our series with 3 of the top 5 game-changing tools that you can take advantage of to improve product management in your organization…

Product Portfolio Management

Passion and the “Ideal” Product Manager

What makes the ideal product manager? This is a very timely subject for our team, having just gone through an exhaustive — and ultimately successful — search for a new product manager to join the fold, one that forced us to ask ourselves…