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We listened – We developed

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Over the past few months, we spoke, presented and listened to over 200 executives. Our goal was to develop new features that will change and enhance your experience and the way you manage initiatives. 

Now , Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle users will benefit from these new features :

Dynamic Meeting Notes

The cornerstone of any initiative is the magic that happens in meetings.  Much of the manual labor is on the tedious job of summarizing and allocating the meeting notes , its action items and decisions. But, more importantly following up on these, making sure that everyone is aligned and that action items are being seen through and moved forward. 

Easily take meeting notes in real time and let Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle automatically turn them into action items and decisions. You don’t have to wait for the next meeting to get status on action items, and you won’t have to align everyone through emails, excel etc. Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle will follow up for you with dynamic notifications and automated reminders. Improving alignment and accountability.


Too often decisions made are overlooked , they are not clear enough, and not understood the same way by everyone. Also meetings are not always attended by all stakeholders. Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle automatically aligns, and enhances clarity on all decisions made. It automatically asks initiative members for acknowledgment of decisions made and gives them a shared space to accept and discuss. Whether they were in the meeting or not, they are always up to date. Sharing decisions to drive alignment and confirm accountability .

Collaboration acknowledgements

The first and most essential step to healthy and productive collaboration is clear and concise communication. Getting acknowledgments that any information that you have added to the initiative has been read and accepted, is vital.  Acknowledgments will get everyone on board, communicating openly, and obtaining accountability clearly and easily.

Chat acknowledgment – much like classic chat apps, Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle notifies you that your chat has been read. Showing you seen and read notifications in real time.

Action item acknowledgment  + Decision acknowledgement – Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle will send automatic acknowledgements to action item owners, initiative members as to decisions made, and deadlines to be met.


An idea is a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. Not every idea turns into an initiative, but you want a sounding board for your new ideas. Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle gives you that idea space and enables feedback from peers and colleagues. Want to hear what they think about your bright new idea? Ping them with Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle. If they love it, effortlessly turn it into a live and kicking initiative. You can also keep it under wraps until you are ready to share it.

About Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle 

Planview AdaptiveWork Eagle is an initiative management platform that optimizes executive collaboration, delivers visibility, and enables the agility required to successfully execute strategic initiatives.  

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork