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Carina Hatfield

Director, Product Management

Carina Hatfield always has a plan. Throughout the years, she has improved her ability to respond and re-prioritize for new ideas and unplanned events. She followed her original plan of becoming a CPA going into budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning until a new idea was prioritized and she took on the opportunity to join Planview. After six years of implementing Planview Enterprise to help organizations improve their strategic, forecasting, and planning processes, Carina has taken that experience and applied it to her role in Product Management.

Strategic Planning, Vision and Trends

Dynamic Planning: Refocus, Reprioritize, and Reallocate Rapidly

Urgency to switch to digital business is just one way organizations are responding to current disruptions, highlighting the need for dynamic planning. After a virtual meeting with 40 CEOs recently, Fortune CEO Alan Murray wrote: “Companies that previously had been slow to adopt to digital transformation now find themselves on a ‘burning platform.’” As executives...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management for a Successful Agile Transformation

As I sat in the airport last week, I saw people running to catch their flights, others meandering with time to kill, and a few others waiting patiently in line to rebook a missed or cancelled flight. Sometimes travel is very predictable while other times it’s fraught with delays, the unknown, and frustrations. As I...

Products, Project Portfolio Management

Undergo Agile Transformation with Planview Enterprise One Release 17

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about Lean and Agile or Agile transformation. Makes sense, as today’s ever-changing marketplace is causing an enterprise-wide shift within companies—a shift to deliver faster. This new focus on delivery is leading organizations to change how they are structured. They are moving toward either dedicated teams or a hybrid...

Project Portfolio Management

Pass Your Competition… Fast

The world is changing. It is using digital to compete, gain market share, and grow the business. The way you interact with your customers is changing. The way your workers are working is changing. The way you are doing business is fundamentally changing. If it isn’t, then you are already behind your competition. 84% of CEOs...

Project Portfolio Management

Successfully Deliver Strategy… Fast

So far in this blog series, we have defined strategy, covered the basis of strategic planning, and discussed who to include in your strategic planning team. If you need a refresher on the first two phases of this rescue mission, read through parts 1 and 2 below: Part 1: Failing to Deliver Strategy… Slowly Part...

Project Portfolio Management

Begin to Deliver Strategy… Fast

If you’ll recall, we previously got you set up to translate your organization’s strategy into a top down vision with metrics in the blog, “Failing to Deliver Strategy… Slowly.” In addition, you started to create a plan to deliver iteratively and measure against the metrics allowing future work to be defined based on the results...

Project Portfolio Management

Failing to Deliver Strategy… Slowly

Here is a common scenario: You spend months participating in annual planning. If you are part of the process that collects the list of projects, you are spending ridiculous hours collecting and consolidating. Then, you pass the list of projects to those who “align” those projects to strategy? The problem is that this alignment activity...

Products, Project Portfolio Management

Time-Saving Tips for Creating and Sharing Roadmaps

Product managers have an increasingly difficult job. They not only need to listen and understand customers, operations, markets, sales, and engineering, but they then must make difficult decisions that require communicating and guiding the organization to embrace trade-offs made across conflicting priorities. Product managers carry this responsibility from idea to delivery, bringing cross-functional teams together...

Project Portfolio Management

Turn Your List of Projects into Investments that Drive Value

As a PMO leader, have you ever looked at a list of projects in your company? I mean, really looked at them? The projects typically describe what is to be done, not necessarily the value of doing them. Corresponding project charters and business cases often dive into a lot more detail regarding execution and may...

Project Portfolio Management

Be the Agile EPMO to Create an Adaptable Organization [Video]

Have you ever planned a road trip? You must know where you are starting your journey from and where the final destination is before you can start laying out your path and the stops along the way. And once you create that roadmap, you must be willing to re-route based on new information. Sometimes there...