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Planview makes the bold new way of working possible; every individual and team can move seamlessly from strategy to successful delivery. Imagine realizing Agile at scale and creating a culture of innovation. Planview’s solutions empower you with a single line of sight across the enterprise and help teams collaborate on value streams and make better business decisions. Click a topic below to discover more, and subscribe to receive monthly content, tailored just for you.

  • Agile Program Management

    Agile Program Management enables teams and teams of teams to deliver value together. It is the practice of visualizing, planning, coordinating, and delivering your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear visibility into the value delivered. Agile Program Management provides structure for teams to practice Program Increment (PI)/Quarterly planning, map dependencies between each other, coordinate and manage how their work gets delivered within the team, across multiple teams and across the entire organization. It enables teams to connect their tool of choice into a program or teams-of-teams board with ease – enabling them to continue delivering value without disruption.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI), once the stuff of science fiction novels, is now not only a reality but is rapidly breaking into mainstream use. The right AI-based tools allow organizations to bridge disparate data silos, extract meaningful insights from their data, and make better, faster decisions. Learn how the newest innovations in AI can help enterprises speed time-to-value and deliver better business outcomes. Survive and thrive in this latest age of digital disruption.

  • Customer Success

    Our customers span the globe in an array of industries and sectors – from retail to finance to education. No matter their size, we are privileged to serve them – whether they seek to maximize business performance or realign resources to support more high-value projects. The Customer Success blog category provides in-depth, real-world information, including Planview Enablement, PPM customer success stories, Planview's Customer Conference - Horizons, and more. We’ll share how our customers are overcoming obstacles using Planview product portfolio management, enterprise architecture and work collaboration solutions to align their corporate processes. Gets tips on how to scale your organization’s current processes as you to grow your business. This is your one-stop to achieve higher and faster business value from your Planview solutions.

  • DevOps Teams

    Browse curated reading for DevOps professionals.

  • Engineering Teams

    Browse curated reading for engineering professionals.

  • Enterprise Agile Planning

    Enterprise Agile Planning solution provides a scalable enterprise-level Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Program Management and Agile delivery platform that supports organizations from strategy to delivery, no matter where they are on their transformation journey. Plan and fund both Lean-Agile and traditional portfolios in a single platform for strategically aligned, outcome driven plans. Enterprise Agile Planning solution empowers organizations to deliver the value that matters most while transforming on their terms and timeline.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Today's organizations require a well-defined enterprise architecture (EA) practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation for the successful development and execution of strategy. The Enterprise Architecture blog category dives into principles and practices that help guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. Read our best practices on how to better communicate and drive business transformation. Get information on aligning your capabilities to company strategy. Get insights from experts and step-by-step advice on fostering successful change management to encourage business-centric conversations about technology. You’ll also get tips to translate business strategy into IT strategy, ensuring you can be more collaborative in helping the business make smarter decisions.

  • Lean Portfolio Management

    Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a modern approach that enables companies to deliver products and solutions faster, improve business outcomes, and support corporate strategic objectives. By rearchitecting planning and funding processes to be more incremental and continuous, Lean Portfolio Management enables organizations to achieve enterprise agility by planning, funding, and delivering products and solutions faster, improving business outcomes, and supporting strategic objectives.

  • People of Planview

  • Product Portfolio Management

    Innovation is all about focusing and optimizing the product portfolio so you can get products to market at the right time and cost. Topics we’ll explore in the Product Innovation blog category range from ideation management to product launch and product end-of-life. Experts will provide recommendations to take your innovation strategy and delivery process to the next level. You’ll get tips for picking the right projects, prioritizing good projects, and aligning them with strategy. Take your innovation strategy to the next level with information on improving time to market to maximize resources, funding, and time. Get tips from other customers on how they improved transparency to pick the right projects and kill the bad projects early. You will also be able to access ground-breaking research and fresh insights on how capacity planning can accelerate business innovation while lowering risk.

  • Products & Tools

    Planview delivers solutions that help organizations realize their resource potential. Our solutions span portfolio and resource management, strategic planning, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. Explore the products category to learn more about Planview products: Planview Enterprise, Innotas, Troux, and Projectplace. You can also explore our latest product releases as well as learn how they can help your organization improve resource utilization, accelerate time to market, and increase productivity. Cut through the noise with our common-sense tips for driving growth and innovation with strategic planning. You’ll also learn how our team is constantly evolving and designing products to address your most pressing needs. Our focus is clearly on supporting the complexity in your organization so you can easily align programs and projects to your strategic goals and track progress against baselines.

  • Professional Services Automation

    Planview’s professional services automation solution enables services organizations to optimize utilization and enhance visibility, making engagements more predictable and profitable.

  • Project Portfolio Management

    The PMO is under constant pressure. From maintaining standards for project management practices to planning and delivering projects – the PMO needs to be in constant sync with strategy and business outcomes. This PMO blog category provides numerous recommendations from experts to encourage top down and bottom up planning, improve processes, promote stakeholder satisfaction, and ultimately eliminate silos to advance the PMO function. Get expert advice on the pros and cons of adopting a continuous planning model. Experts will also share real-world advice on choosing your next Project Portfolio Management tool and how to #BeThatPMO your business needs.

  • Project to Product Shift

    In the bestselling book Project to Product, Planview CTO Dr. Mik Kersten introduces leaders to the missing framework needed to create a Value Stream Network — the technology equivalent of an advanced manufacturing line that comprises thousands of IT professionals.

  • Scaled Agile Framework

  • Software Toolchain Integration

    Software Toolchain Integration is fundamental in the current evolution of IT operations. It's not just about connecting tools; it's about crafting a synergistic environment that accelerates efficiency and propels software delivery teams to new heights. In this blog category, we offer insights, practical guidance, and expert analysis from Planview on navigating through the complexities of diverse tool environments. Our focus is on imparting actionable knowledge that helps technology leaders overcome integration hurdles, enhance collaboration, and achieve superior business results.

  • Strategic Planning

    Operationalize strategic plans - from formulation to execution across the organization.

  • The Flow Framework

    Learn about the Flow Framework®, a structured, prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management in software delivery organizations. It identifies where work slows down so that bottlenecks can be addressed and equips technology leaders to effectively communicate with business stakeholders when setting priorities and measuring outcomes.

  • Transformation

    As companies strive to differentiate and disrupt their markets, there’s a surge in digitalization and transformation initiatives. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives fail to achieve their intended outcomes. Learn more about how to survive and thrive in the digital age.

  • Value Stream Management

    Value stream management (VSM) in software delivery is a critical approach to success in today's digital landscape. Its systematic approach to measuring and improving flow helps organizations shorten time-to-market, increase throughput, and improve product quality. This VSM blog category provides educational insights, best practices, and real-world advice from Planview and industry experts on how to address the constraints or problems you face in your software delivery lifecycle in order to achieve better business outcomes.

  • Virtual Teams

    Whether your company is transitioning to virtual teams due to an anticipated shift in strategy or a rapid, temporary response to an unforeseen challenge, you don’t want the change to affect the trajectory of your business. If you want to move the needle for your business during a time of transition, you must enable employees to continue to make progress against your strategic initiatives. Learn how to equip your virtual teams with the tools they need to stay on strategy and get work done in the midst of a virtual work transition.

  • Vision and Trends

    At Planview, our vision is simple: to help organizations realize their resource potential. This PPM Vision and Trends category is all about thought leadership. Read about what Planview thought leaders are saying about the work and resource management market as it relates to PPM, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. We’ll also provide information on industry news, trends, and company stewardship. Whether you are seeking a sneak peek at our product lineup or curious about our latest innovation push, Visions and Trends contain a wide range of information. We’ll help you get your arms around the changing landscape and how to better understand the forces at work and the pace of disruption. We can even help you re-assess how to attack your toughest resource challenges and how to stay on top of new certifications.  

  • Work Management for Teams

    In today’s project-driven, 24/7 economy, collaborating is a way of life. Typically, modern teams, work with people both inside and outside the company and across the globe to meet deadlines and complete projects on time. Our work collaboration blog category shows you what to look for in a project/work collaboration solution to effectively execute projects and manage teams, tasks, and deadlines. Whether on a team of 5 or 25, learn how to use the best tools when trying to set goals, create a plan, track progress, share documents, and monitor progress. We can help you look for adaptable solutions that are closely related to enterprise social networking platforms.