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Maria Harper

Manager, Demand Generation

Maria Harper is a demand generation specialist at Planview focusing on PPM solutions and French and German marketing. She is passionate about data-driven marketing and enjoys applying analytical insights to creative messaging in order maximize marketing potential. She graduated from the University of Missouri with bachelor degrees in German and Journalism.

Work Management for Teams

A Look into Program-level Kanban Design

Up until now, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at how a well-planned Kanban design can empower IT Operations, making it easier for team members to complete tasks within their agreed-upon timeframes. As such, Kanban has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for team-based project management, giving managers more control over resources and capacity within their...

Work Management for Teams

General Guidelines for Kanban Board Design

By now, you’ve probably already heard how Kanban can transform the way IT Operations teams manage tasks. From delegating roles to prioritizing assignments, Kanban makes it easier for IT Operations to meet deadlines and deliver customer satisfaction. But in order to enjoy the benefits Kanban has to offer, you need to follow a few guidelines regarding Kanban...

Work Management for Teams

The Major Tenets to Designing a Basic Kanban System

In our last post, we mentioned there were four tenets needed when designing a basic Kanban system. We also touched on the first two tenets and how to apply them in IT Operations. For those who don’t remember, the four tenets of Kanban are: Making the work visible. Limiting the work in progress. Measuring and improving...

Work Management for Teams

How to Do Kanban for IT Operations

Learning how to do Kanban can completely transform the way your organization manages tasks, especially for IT Operations teams which have to manage a steady stream of planned and unplanned work. That’s because Kanban makes it easier for IT Operations to accurately predict their capacity and manage resources, thanks to Kanban’s ability to break complex...

Enterprise Agile Planning

How to Define IT Operations

Despite being one of the most important fields in large-scale organizations, it’s difficult to clearly define IT Operations with just a few words. Always walking the line between tech management and quality assurance, the IT Operations team has their hand in everything from infrastructure maintenance to ensuring finished products meet the customers’ needs and expectations,...

Project Portfolio Management

Portfolio and Resource Management Tips to Gift Your PMO This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season! This can mean one of two things. 1) You’ve already checked out and are in “vacation mode” or 2) you’re absolutely slammed with work that always appears right at this time of the year. Whether you have ample free time or not nearly enough, you’ll still want to find time to...

Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

3 Steps to Dominate Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is everywhere. It has infiltrated not only the ways in which people work, how organizations deliver products, and what is required to remain competitive in today’s market, but it has also vastly altered customer expectations and demands. Gone are the days in which customers merely anticipated the next product release—those days have been...

Project Portfolio Management

4 Steps to Effectively Execute on Strategy [Webinar]

According to Gartner, by 2021, 100% of ITPMOs that fail to shift focus toward speed of delivery will be disbanded. That’s a frightening reality, especially considering less than 1/3 of executives currently believe their organizations effectively execute on strategy. How can the ITPMO focus on improving speed of delivery when the organization can’t even deliver...

Project Portfolio Management

Surviving the Zombie PMO Apocalypse

The PMO is under fire … but why? Perhaps the business is evolving and the focus of the PMO has shifted. Is digital transformation and the need to drive growth strategies across the organization creating complexity? Can the PMO handle it, or is it dangerously slow in responding to change and delivering business value? If...

Project Portfolio Management

Project Management Software to Boost Your PMO into Hyper-Speed [Webinar]

In the first workshop of this series, we covered how your organization’s current annual planning and demand management processes can act as starting points in your journey toward continuous planning. Part two allowed us to analyze how you can best fuel your decisions with data. Now, let’s explore how the right project management software can...