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PMO, Vision and Trends

3 Steps to Dominate Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is everywhere. It has infiltrated not only the ways in which people work, how organizations deliver products, and what is required to remain competitive in today’s market, but it has also vastly altered customer expectations…


4 Steps to Effectively Execute on Strategy [Webinar]

According to Gartner, by 2021, 100% of ITPMOs that fail to shift focus toward speed of delivery will be disbanded. That’s a frightening reality, especially considering less than 1/3 of executives currently believe their organizations…


Surviving the Zombie PMO Apocalypse

The PMO is under fire … but why? Perhaps the business is evolving and the focus of the PMO has shifted. Is digital transformation and the need to drive growth strategies across the organization creating complexity? Can the PMO handle it, or…


Cure Your Zombie PMO

Breaking news update: as I previously reported in the blog, “Symptoms of the Zombie PMO,” zombification is still proliferating in businesses throughout the world. However, the spread is thankfully slowing down, as people are becoming…


Symptoms of the Zombie PMO

Warning: The following is an emergency alert. There is an outbreak infecting businesses across the world, creating a condition termed the “Zombie PMO.” The name, coined from behaviors such as a languished state of existence and a narrow…