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Maura Melis

Marketing Manager

Maura Melis is a demand generation specialist at Planview, focusing on product portfolio management solutions. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA concentrated in marketing with a minor in advertising.

Innovation Management, Product Portfolio Management

Universal Market Disruptions Drive Innovation at Hyper-Speed

Recently, Apple announced it was ending its iconic iTunes app, President Trump surprised the market with new tariff threats against Mexico, and the U.S. government increased scrutiny over Google, Apple, and Facebook over possible antitrust violations. All of these market disruptions are poised to hurt some companies while presenting opportunities for others. What effect could...

Innovation Management

Innovative Strategic Planning at Hyper-Speed

Do you know anyone, or any organization, that at the end of the year looked back at their annual plan and honestly said everything went according to plan? Did you ever have a year where nothing changed? No new competitors, no changes in market conditions, or budget cuts? Of course not. Plans that don’t anticipate...

Product Portfolio Management

Digital Innovation: 10 Ways Product Portfolio Management Can Improve Delivery

In the first half of this blog series, we talked about how product portfolio management can help companies select and develop the right digital innovations to move their businesses forward. The right portfolio management solution helps ensure products are developed from insights of customers and employees. Further, the right capabilities and priorities must be paired...

Product Portfolio Management

IoT Strategy: 10 Ways Product Portfolio Management Can Improve Delivery

According to the technology experts at Gartner, the world will be filled with more than 20.4 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Will one of those IoT products be yours? More importantly, will it be the right product for the market and your business goals? Will you have the right resources and...

Product Portfolio Management

Five Ways to Drive Product Innovation in Manufacturing [Infographic]

Product innovation in manufacturing on a global scale tends to throw a wet blanket on innovation. Whether it’s a disconnect over complex supply chains, alarm over new regulations, or uncertainty about the direction of product roadmaps, innovation can often be sidelined until it’s much too late in the game. Companies miss the opportunity to bring...

Product Portfolio Management

6 Product Portfolio Management Best Practices

In part seven of this series, we presented a sense of managing the product development process. In part eight, the last in the series “The Complexity of Managing Smarter, More Connected Products,” we’re examining product portfolio management best practices as a recap of the entire series. In it, we’ll cover key takeaways from the series,...

Product Portfolio Management

How to Use Business Transformation to Drive Innovation in the Digital Era [Infographic]

The face of the professional landscape is always evolving. The modern consumer has an ever-changing list of demands, and organizations without an effective business transformation strategy fail to meet those needs and are often left behind. But how can you facilitate business transformation so that your products and services align with the customers’ needs? The...

Product Portfolio Management

A Product Development Process for Successful Strategic Outcomes

Previously in this series, we discussed leveraging technology to resolve product portfolio challenges. In part seven of our eight part series “The Complexity of Managing Smarter, More Connected Products,” we’re offering recommendations for improving your product development process. Here, we’ll look at how successful industry leaders have focused on the development process to conquer complexity...

Product Portfolio Management

Technology: The Key to Resolving Product Portfolio Challenges

In our last piece, we explained how top performers leveraged consistent and effective product portfolio management processes to ensure continued industry leadership. In this, our sixth installment of our eight part series, “The Complexity of Managing Smarter, More Connected Products,” we explore the notion of leveraging technology to resolve product portfolio challenges. Review the previous...

Product Portfolio Management

Product Development Processes: Changing the Game

In our last piece of this series, we described the need for data visibility as prerequisite to making sound portfolio management decisions. In this, the fifth in our eight-part series, we cover product development processes as a key success facilitator. Here, we’ll delve into how to make the most of the data visibility enhancements gleaned...