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CIOReview: The Amalgamation of Strategy and Execution

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CIOReview: The Amalgamation of Strategy and Execution

This article was produced and published by CIOReview and is featured in its April 2020 print edition. It was also published on their website here. 

Changepoint: The Amalgamation of Strategy and Execution

A robust enterprise architecture is essential to manage the turbulence associated with digital transformation initiatives. For instance, an organization undergoing a transformational change is faced with the age-old dilemma of inadequate interoperability associated with disparate IT systems procured from multiple vendors. For a successful change initiative, organizations need to understand how the initiative is affecting different operational re

gimes within a business. In short, managing this uncertainty effectively is a necessity. For any organization, the capability to forecast challenges and adapt accordingly is the need of the hour amidst continually changing market dynamics.

At this juncture, Changepoint—a Seattle based company—is offering an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) platform that accurately maps an enterprise’s architecture in real-time and provides actionable insights to support application rationalization, IT alignment, portfolio optimization, and many more; it empowers clients to consistently reshape their business operations according to today’s volatile enterprise environment.

“The reason we offer a variety of enterprise portfolio disciplines is to support our clients across different business regimes, starting from building a strategy to execution continuum. We believe in the philosophy ‘helping will sell, selling won’t help’ while engaging with clients,” says Matt Scheuing, Changepoint CEO.


During such engagements, Changepoint creates inventories of valuable data by surveying direct users. This customer-centric approach of the company establishes a sense of excitement, engagement, and transparency that helps drive innovation while enabling clients to evolve constantly by adapting to the trends of its business ecosystem. Changepoint EAM – formerly known as barometerIT – is configured based on client preferences and valuable feedback obtained from all the end-users. Moreover, its simple, userfriendly, and intuitive interface allows any employee to start contributing value to the business in minutes. Crowdsourced data within Changepoint EAM provides a multi-dimensional, real-time view of an entire organization by leveraging a graph database that visually maps relationships like strategies and their alignment to different business and IT enablers. This enables stakeholders to forecast portfolio changes and business hurdles and allows them to identify, remediate, or tackle roadblocks proactively. Changepoint EAM’s real-time executive-level insights help business leaders understand the impact of change initiatives, streamline innovation processes, and mitigate risks while adapting to transformational changes.

“We hide the dexterity of an EAM to make it more approachable to end-users. One of our clients has 6500 active users who constantly highlight new opportunities for advancement and also the impact of change initiatives on different levels,” explains Paul Cramer, GM of Changepoint EAM.

“The more turbulent, the better value we provide; Changepoint EAM is designed to grow with the customer,” says Cramer, explaining how some of the functionalities and content-rich graphs help clients ensure that their transformative efforts are effective and are aligned with their strategic goals.

Cramer also points out that while working with a large enterprise customer, Changepoint was able to achieve 2.6 million USD savings on a significant change initiative. Based on the valuable feedback aggregated from all levels of the client’s organization, the customer was able to adapt its enterprise architecture to accelerate its ability to deliver value on specific business outcomes. Changepoint EAM enabled the client to identify hundreds of points of impact that were overseen during the initial stages. Upon remediating those impacts, Changepoint EAM’s content-rich graphs and intuitive interface helped the client resolve threats, and the client was able to deliver the project six months earlier than anticipated, saving 2.6 million USD in financial resources.

Furthermore, the company ensures its customers are successful with the features and functionalities within its platform to enable them to do more. With Changepoint EAM, organizations can ensure that their change initiatives are effective and aligned with their business goals. Changepoint also offers the combination of its three different solutions, including Changepoint Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Changepoint EAM (barometerIT), collectively addressing broad Enterprise Portfolio Management requirements.


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