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Som Chakravarty

Product Manager

Som Chakravarty works with Planview as a Product Manager responsible for present and future developments of Projectplace. He’s a Design and AI advocate at Planview who believes that software products ought to be simple yet powerful so that they serve you from the background being almost invisible. Recently he has been working with the initiative of exploring the role of assistive technologies and agents in the enterprise software world and how it could bring transformative changes about how people use software for collaborative work. Som has a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and has been designing software products for more than a decade. When not at his computer, Som could be found perched on a mountain top or riding a motorcycle.

Work Management for Teams

How Collaboration Software Works with AI and Automation

By 2022, millennials and Generation Z will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce. For employers, the influx of younger workers means adapting to different expectations. Millennials, for example, expect to collaborate across geographies and time zones to get things done—and they expect to spend a considerable amount of their day using collaboration software. But...

Work Management for Teams

Strengthen Your Project Management Skills

Wondering how to improve your Project Management Skills? You’re in the right place. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the underlying ideas of project management, as they have withstood the test of time and proven to be the pillars of good project management. In recent times, the discipline of project management has undergone a...

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The Benefits of Kanban

You’ve probably heard about how Kanban is a great collaborative tool. But aside from managing tasks, what are the real benefits of Kanban? Turns out, there are a lot of ways it can improve working conditions. From maximizing efficiency to reducing job-related stress, Kanban offers a number of benefits that ensure your projects run smoothly....

Work Management for Teams

What is a Project Roadmap?

Project roadmaps have recently become one of the most popular tools in the workplace. As organizations deal with many different types of work—be it the industry, scale, or people—it’s no surprise that they have multiple tools to get work done. For a long time, the concept of “project plans” has been the most dominant and...

Work Management for Teams

Product Manager Tips to Better Organize, Prioritize, Schedule and Communicate

As a product manager, life can be quite chaotic, especially when dealing with multiple stakeholders and handling various channels of communication. Plus, with the ever-growing need for speed and innovation from organizations, it’s an understatement to say that a product manager’s schedule is only jam-packed most of the time. In such an environment where every...

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Artificial Intelligence: What Does it Mean for Businesses?

Work as we know it has transformed radically over the past few decades and so have the tools that we used to get work done. The focus for this evolution was how to get work done faster and in a more efficient way leading to the development of complex tools. But it required time to...