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Enterprise Agile Planning

Enterprise Agile Planning solution provides a scalable enterprise-level Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Program Management and Agile delivery platform that supports organizations from strategy to delivery, no matter where they are on their transformation journey. Plan and fund both Lean-Agile and traditional portfolios in a single platform for strategically aligned, outcome driven plans. Enterprise Agile Planning solution empowers organizations to deliver the value that matters most while transforming on their terms and timeline.

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

What Makes a Successful Agile People Leader?

Agile people leaders know how to build relationships, empower teams and individuals, and keep work aligned with company goals.   They understand that a supported and aligned team is one of the most powerful assets a company can have — and they will work hard to set up their teams for success. In many ways, the Agile people leader is the ultimate servant leader.  Servant...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

How to Become an Agile Coach

As Agile has exploded in popularity, more and more people are interested in learning how to become an Agile coach. In fact, “Agile coach” was named as one of’s best jobs in 2019, with an average base salary of $161,377. Meanwhile, the demand for passionate, experienced Agile coaches is at an all-time high.   If you’re passionate about...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile ROI: Exploring the Dollars and Sense to Justify Your Agile Investment

The big question around the efficacy of Agile transformation inevitably turns to Agile ROI: Can Agile really improve productivity, decrease risks and costs, and increase revenue? In a recent webinar titled “The ROI of Agile Scaling and Transformation,” Ronnie Pinkerton, Director of Solution Architecture and Steve Wolfe, Enterprise Agile Coach & Evangelist at Planview, explored...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Managing Risks with ROAM in Agile

Effective risk management is critical to the success of any project, but SAFe® doesn’t offer a clear-cut solution for how to go about it in a scaled Agile environment. Here’s how ROAM risk management can help ensure that you’re effectively managing risks at every level of your Agile organization. Why Risk Management? The importance of...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Advance Enterprise Agility in 2021

With organizations globally making a rapid shift to remote work, many businesses are starting to embrace enterprise agility to work cross-functionally to better plan and deliver value to customers, faster. It’s important that organizations become familiar with Agile transformation, Lean budgeting, and Lean Portfolio Management to maximize the success of their transformation journey. We produced...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

451 Research Perspectives on Agile Program Management [Video]

We recently sat down with Chris Marsh, Principal Research Analyst for the Workforce Productivity and Collaboration practice at 451 Research, to discuss the fundamentals of Agile Program Management. Chris answered four of the questions that we receive most often about Agile Program Management, articulating its meaning and value in a clear and concise way. Watch...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Metrics: Advancing Continuous Improvement with Agile Program Management

You’re Agile. You have the ceremonies in place, you’ve got planning down – and as you move through each increment you discover the need to tweak processes and implement continuous improvement practices. Effective Agile Program Management means having the right Agile metrics to measure team progress, performance, and overall health. We recently hosted a series...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile News: Articles and Videos for Your Fall Reading List

With the commencement of the fall season and the welcome change in weather, it’s time to curl up with your pumpkin spiced latte and tablet and catch up on the latest news in Agile. We’ve compiled a variety of newsworthy thought leadership content for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and happy reading! Agile Transformation and the...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Connecting International Teams Through Agile Program Management

Many organizations today deploy Agile in some capacity throughout their operations. More than 75% of organizations have stated that they have adopted Agile practices to accelerate their software delivery cycles. Although faster software deployment is a key benefit to embracing Agile, other teams within organizations like marketing and sales are adopting Agile to improve productivity....

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Expert Panel: Highlights from Eliassen Group and Scaling Agile Practices

Webinar Highlights In a recent webinar, “Agile Program Management from the Trenches”, I had the opportunity to participate with a panel of experts from Eliassen Group on the ways organizations can approach scaling Agile across their teams. We tackled complex topics like horizonal vs. vertical scaling, big board planning (AKA program increment (PI) planning in...