Value Stream Management

Value stream management (VSM) in software delivery is a critical approach to success in today's digital landscape. Its systematic approach to measuring and improving flow helps organizations shorten time-to-market, increase throughput, and improve product quality. This VSM blog category provides educational insights, best practices, and real-world advice from Planview and industry experts on how to address the constraints or problems you face in your software delivery lifecycle in order to achieve better business outcomes.

A Truly Agile Federal Government Focuses on Flow

As the digital-first world further intensifies the urgent need for faster IT modernization across the U.S. federal government, IT and program leaders must find a better way to manage their software delivery organizations to improve strategic decision-making and outcomes. Much like the private sector, accelerating adaptive response is key to supporting key government programs. From...

Productivity, AI, and the Future of Digital Connected Work

Productivity has long been a source of curiosity and study for Planview’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mik Kersten. In a June interview on NYSE Floor Talk, he discussed the topic -- and how Planview’s mission to support digitally connected work can improve productivity.