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Josh Berman

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Josh is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning solutions team. Drawing from his experience working alongside numerous Agile software development teams, he is a subject matter expert on Agile practices and the benefits of aligning people, processes, and tools to promote organizational agility. Since joining Planview, he’s had the pleasure of putting agile practices and lean principles to the test in his own work as a marketer.

How to Write OKRs: What to Avoid and What Really Works

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face when adopting the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) system is how to write OKRs.  Whether you’re a Planview LeanKit ™ or Agile Program Management solution customer that would like to take advantage of the OKRs functionality we launched recently or you are simply interested in learning more about OKRs, here are some pointers for writing effective Objectives and...

Talking OKRs with Planview’s CPO Patrick Tickle

We’re excited to announce that Planview has built Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) capabilities into Planview LeanKit™! In this post, you’ll learn:  why we’ve added OKR capabilities into the Planview platform  why OKRs are particularly valuable for Agile organizations  how OKRs have changed in recent years   what to look for in OKR software  But first, here’s a quick introduction to OKRs,...

What Makes a Successful Agile People Leader?

Agile people leaders know how to build relationships, empower teams and individuals, and keep work aligned with company goals.   They understand that a supported and aligned team is one of the most powerful assets a company can have — and they will work hard to set up their teams for success. In many ways, the Agile people leader is the ultimate servant leader.  Servant...

Agile ROI: Exploring the Dollars and Sense to Justify Your Agile Investment

The big question around the efficacy of Agile transformation inevitably turns to Agile ROI: Can Agile really improve productivity, decrease risks and costs, and increase revenue? In a recent webinar titled “The ROI of Agile Scaling and Transformation,” Ronnie Pinkerton, Director of Solution Architecture and Steve Wolfe, Enterprise Agile Coach & Evangelist at Planview, explored...