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Planview delivers solutions that help organizations realize their resource potential. Our solutions span portfolio and resource management, strategic planning, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. Explore the products category to learn more about Planview products: Planview Enterprise, Innotas, Troux, and Projectplace. You can also explore our latest product releases as well as learn how they can help your organization improve resource utilization, accelerate time to market, and increase productivity. Cut through the noise with our common-sense tips for driving growth and innovation with strategic planning. You’ll also learn how our team is constantly evolving and designing products to address your most pressing needs. Our focus is clearly on supporting the complexity in your organization so you can easily align programs and projects to your strategic goals and track progress against baselines.

Innovation Management, Products

Planview Spigit Launches Microsoft Power BI Analytics

Demonstrating the value of your crowdsourcing program is fundamental to creating, growing, and ultimately sustaining engagement, as well as securing funding. Across the innovation funnel, you can measure the ROI of your program through a variety of metrics, ranging from employee engagement to revenue to cost savings of ideas implemented. It’s important that you have...

Customer Success, Products

Seven Life Hacks to Simplify Planview Enterprise One Administration

If you work in an environment similar to mine, you’re probably challenged on a daily basis to improve data integrity for users, provide them easy access to information, and make quick changes to reduce their frustrations. I have eight simple hacks that I’ve used with Planview Enterprise One® to address all these challenges, building engagement...

Products, Project Portfolio Management

Undergo Agile Transformation with Planview Enterprise One Release 17

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about Lean and Agile or Agile transformation. Makes sense, as today’s ever-changing marketplace is causing an enterprise-wide shift within companies—a shift to deliver faster. This new focus on delivery is leading organizations to change how they are structured. They are moving toward either dedicated teams or a hybrid...

Products, Project Portfolio Management

Time-Saving Tips for Creating and Sharing Roadmaps

Product managers have an increasingly difficult job. They not only need to listen and understand customers, operations, markets, sales, and engineering, but they then must make difficult decisions that require communicating and guiding the organization to embrace trade-offs made across conflicting priorities. Product managers carry this responsibility from idea to delivery, bringing cross-functional teams together...

Customer Success, Products

Strategic Planning at Work: Real-World Use Cases

Do you spend months developing your strategic plan only to have it become shelf ware – literally sitting on a shelf collecting dust? Or, despite your best intentions at integrating strategy and execution, do your plans and operations on the ground become disconnected at some point? Unfortunately, this is all too common. Of the 500...


Ushering in a New Era of Work and Resource Management

For more than a year now, I have been talking about how project delivery does not equal strategic alignment. It is about transforming ideas into executable, strategic plans—from start to finish—and being able to take advantage of new opportunities and pivot as change occurs. Organizations must embrace digital transformation—from the products they deliver to the...


Troux 14: Sneak Peak of PM Today Review

Organizations often struggle when it comes to effectively managing their IT assets in support of their business goals. That’s why senior management will typically turn to enterprise architecture tools such as Troux 14 for help with high-level strategic planning and road mapping. These tools also help them better understand the cross-dependencies of future requirements—not to...


Planview and SnapLogic: Fast Results and Faster Decisions

Since 2016, Planview and SnapLogic have been partners for a really good reason – to make obtaining insights from Planview’s suite of products even faster. SnapLogic, a company based out of Silicon Valley, CA, is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service provider and provides a codeless approach to integration between applications, data, and “things.” Being a SnapLogic customer...


What’s Driving Innotas by Planview in the European Market?

It’s complicated. Project managers must embrace the lightning fast pace of innovation. They must also ensure portfolios, programs, and projects are linked to strategy – along with managing resources and owning execution. Project Manager Today, is a leading and only independent magazine for project managers and we’re excited to share the recent in-depth review of...

Enterprise Architecture, Products

Introducing the New Troux for Enterprise Architects and Beyond

At the 2016 Horizons Customer Conference, I had the opportunity to rub elbows with some folks with very familiar names. Many of them had used Troux for years, and some had even staked their careers on it. I was now face-to face with the Troux user base and I was eager to hear what they...