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Wessen Aufgabe ist Innovation?

Howdy! We continue our “Coffee Talk” video series on the Planview YouTube Channel — all about the latest news and trends taking place in innovation and Product Portfolio Management (PPM). This month’s “Talk” comes to you from the University of Texas Campus in Austin where the Product Portfolio Mavens share insights discussed during the innovation...

Overheard at Optimizing Innovation NYC

I recently attended the Optimizing Innovation Conference in NYC as Planview was a sponsor. Initially, I was surprised that half of the attendees had traveled from Europe just for a two-day conference. Once the sessions began, I quickly understood their motivation. Speakers from Levi® Strauss, NASA, MTV Networks, Goodyear®, Mozilla, Kraft, and many other companies...

Meeting Product Launch Windows und die PIM-Konferenz

The Product Portfolio Mavens are back and this time they’ve recorded in an undisclosed location. In addition to sharing insights on hitting launch windows and pipeline visibility, Pamela and Carrie provide an update on the PDMA PIM Conference and shed light on the latest product portfolio management rumors.

Launch-Fenster treffen, wenn die Zeit bis zur Markteinführung nicht verhandelbar ist

In a recently released research paper, Issue in Focus: Meeting Fixed Product Launch Windows analyst Jim Brown, Founder and President, Tech-Clarity, Inc., talks about how companies can use Product Portfolio Management (PPM) applications to hit timely product launch deadlines to improve new product development and overall performance. Conversations with product developers and the immediate interest...