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Emily Peterson

Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Emily Peterson is a Demand Gen Manager for Planview's Enterprise Agile Planning Solution, focusing on helping organizations achieve agility on their terms and timeline. She uses her professional experience in Agile marketing (as the RTE) to leverage new ways of working across the organization, connecting all parts of the business to the overall goals of the organization.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Realizing the Benefits of Agile at Scale

This is the second installment in a series of posts about the benefits of realizing Agile at scale. Be sure to check out part one, “3 Key Shifts Necessary for Scaling Agile,” first. There are many benefits to scaling Agile, both tangible and intangible. Embracing an Agile mindset and culture shift across the enterprise has...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management: Frequently Asked Questions

We recently did a webinar with Richard Knaster, SAFe® Fellow at Scaled Agile, Inc, and Jon Terry, Chief Evangelist here at Planview, called “Lean Portfolio Management: What is it and how is it changing value delivery?” We encourage you to listen to the full webinar, but in the meantime, read below for answers to the...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

3 Key Shifts Necessary for Scaling Agile

With the blistering pace of technological, economic, and socio-political changes, it’s clear that enterprises have to change—not just in the products and services they provide, or the platforms through which they provide them—but also in the way they plan, fund, and execute work. For many, this change means scaling Agile. The firms that have thrived...

Work Management for Teams

Leading an Agile Transformation in Your Enterprise – An Interview with Jon Terry

Most organizations are on the path to scaling Agile within software development or IT. Although organizations are beginning to see the advantages of an Agile transformation beyond IT, a successful transformation involves more executive participation in an active way. No longer do you need to convince executives they should support scaling Agile delivery, but instead,...

Work Management for Teams

Lean Product Management: Why It Matters

While many tools can be incredibly helpful, there are some that simply rise above the rest in terms of their simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of use. You know, those apps that guide you seamlessly from one step to another, anticipating your every question, providing every answer exactly when you need it. It’s especially impressive when...

Enterprise Agile Planning

8 Guiding Lean Principles

Transformation is a necessary part of business. It helps companies ensure they provide value to the customer. Organizations have always explored new ways to transform the way they work, but it’s only recently that many started applying Lean principles. And it’s not by coincidence, either. Lean principles have helped many successful companies, including Nike and...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Leaders: How to Better Help Your Organization Scale Agile

We know from experience that to successfully scale agile across the organization, you must hire and retain the right talent. Additionally, current agile leaders need to take a good hard look in the mirror and understand their role and changes they need to make in order for the organization to reap the benefits of scaling...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Areas of Improvement for Scaling Agile Across an Organization

Scaling Agile across an organization is a difficult undertaking. It takes careful planning and preparation to successfully implement a new approach that connects every team within your organization and requires goals and objectives to determine success. On top of that, good agile leaders must be flexible and willing to give teams the space they need...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Become the Agile Leader Your Organization Needs

Agile leadership, also known as servant leadership, is one of the most important shifts needed for an organization to successfully scale agile. For some organizations, this change comes easily with the implementation of agile, but for others, the change from top-down command and control to one of empowerment is difficult. It’s not as simple as...