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Meredithe Grigsby

Product Marketing Specialist

Meredithe Grigsby is a Product Marketing Specialist for Planview's Lean & Agile Delivery solution, which helps organizations to plan, track, and deliver their work, no matter where they are in their Agile transformation. Her experience in Agile Product Marketing and curiosity for process improvement pushes her to ask every day "How can we do this better?" In the changing world of work, she believes in enabling our customers to make the most effective use of their work day and live by the words "Work hard. Play hard."

Boost Your Agile Program in 2021

Some of the most successful organizations like Cisco, Lego, and PlayStation have found significant success by using Agile at scale. They have used various Agile disciplines, leveraged PI Planning, built high performance teams, and more to garner success. It’s that time of year for all members within Agile teams to freshen up on Agile Program...

Planview’s Rewire: Frequently Asked Questions

Planview has been a best–of–breed, market–leading PPM partner for many large organizations for nearly thirty years. About 5 years ago, we launched an initiative to broaden our strategy and message to meet changing needs within the marketplace and enable our customers on their journey to a Lean-Agile enterprise. Just as we help many organizations transform, we embarked on our own Agile transformation as well.     Patrick Tickle, Chief Product Officer,...

Where Are You on Your Path to the Lean-Agile Enterprise?

Even if it is only a conversation, in the new decade, your organization is likely on the path to Agile maturity. From enabling customer value delivery at speed to empowering organizations to adapt to changes in the marketplace with strategic insight and visibility, Lean-Agile practices offer significant value for modern organizations. Implementing these practices, however,...

Scaling Agile with Kanban

Scaling Agile helps organizations change the way they plan and deliver value to the customer. It allows them to shift to market changes more rapidly and ultimately helps to prime the organization for embracing new ways of working. All of these benefits can help to increase the self-sufficiency of teams across the organization while increasing...