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Emily Peterson

Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Emily Peterson is a Demand Gen Manager for Planview's Enterprise Agile Planning Solution, focusing on helping organizations achieve agility on their terms and timeline. She uses her professional experience in Agile marketing (as the RTE) to leverage new ways of working across the organization, connecting all parts of the business to the overall goals of the organization.

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Managing Risks with ROAM in Agile

Effective risk management is critical to the success of any project, but SAFe® doesn’t offer a clear-cut solution for how to go about it in a scaled Agile environment. Here’s how ROAM risk management can help ensure that you’re effectively managing risks at every level of your Agile organization. Why Risk Management? The importance of...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Advance Enterprise Agility in 2021

With organizations globally making a rapid shift to remote work, many businesses are starting to embrace enterprise agility to work cross-functionally to better plan and deliver value to customers, faster. It’s important that organizations become familiar with Agile transformation, Lean budgeting, and Lean Portfolio Management to maximize the success of their transformation journey. We produced...

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Agile Terminology

Whether you’re new to Agile or a seasoned practitioner, it never hurts to brush up on your Agile terminology! Bookmark this alphabetized glossary of key Agile terms to use as a reference whenever you need it. Agile Terminology to Know Acceptance Test A set of criteria, written from the perspective of the customer, to ensure...

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6 Things to Look for in an Agile Program Management Solution

By now, I hope you’re well acquainted with our four-part Agile Program Management discussion and demo series. And, especially, my supporting blog series where I’ve shared highlights from each discussion to offer ways to help improve your approach to scaling Agile. This blog is dedicated to Part 4: Agile Program Management – Eating the Cake,...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Metrics: Advancing Continuous Improvement with Agile Program Management

You’re Agile. You have the ceremonies in place, you’ve got planning down – and as you move through each increment you discover the need to tweak processes and implement continuous improvement practices. Effective Agile Program Management means having the right Agile metrics to measure team progress, performance, and overall health. We recently hosted a series...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Planning: Simplifying PI Planning for Agile Teams with Visibility

If you’re familiar with scaling Agile, you’ve probably heard of the Agile planning practice known as Program Increment (PI) planning. But not all companies use the name PI Planning. Others refer to as Big Room Planning, Big Board Planning, Mid-Range Planning, or Quarterly Planning. No matter what you call it, many companies have found substantial...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Integrations: Get Visibility Across Agile Teams with Agile Program Management

So, you’re scaling Agile within your organization. How’s it going? Are you running into challenges along the way? If so, you’re not alone. Scaling Agile can be complicated and every organization is different. We’re here to help. I recently hosted a series of virtual discussions complete with product demos that outline how establishing Agile Program...

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How to Identify Your Value Streams: 6 Strategies for Getting Started

Making the shift from organizing work around products to orienting around value plays a key role in scaling Agile across the organization. But it can also be confusing: what exactly IS a value stream, and how do you go about identifying the value streams in your business? Our recent ebook, How to Identify Your Value...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Operational vs. Development Value Streams: What’s the Difference?

For many organizations, Agile gains a foothold in a small set of teams that plainly demonstrate its potential. Excited by the results, leaders begin to focus on scaling Agile – but soon discover that it requires some fundamental shifts. One of the most important components of Agile at scale is switching the way work gets...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Identifying Your Value Streams: Frequently Asked Questions

Contributors: Jon Terry, Susan Gibson, Siraj Sirajuddin We recently hosted a webinar titled, “How to Identify Your Value Streams” with Jon Terry from Planview and Siraj Sirajuddin and Susan Gibson from Temenos+Agility. During the webinar, we shared the importance of identifying value streams and how to do so in a responsible and virtual manner. Throughout...