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Heather Westmoreland

Product Marketing Manager

Heather Westmoreland is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has led application design and development throughout her career. As a Product Marketing Manager, Heather uses her creativity with a focus on user experience to expand the usability and understanding of Planview's Enterprise One strategic capabilities. Before spending six years with Planview in consulting and product management, she was an active customer for 10 years. Heather applies her customer-first mindset to uncover product opportunities and drive innovation within the solutions-marketing side of Planview Enterprise One.

Putting Continuous Planning Types to Work

Welcome to the finale of our four-part series that reviews the types of planning organizations have at their fingertips to convert strategy into results. At the beginning of this series, we discussed the importance of developing plans that are dynamic and continuous in order to adapt to change. Now, we will summarize the different types...

Roadmapping: An Essential Planning Practice to Deliver Outcomes

In part two of this series, Strategic Planning: The Types of Planning That Bring Your Strategy to Life, we reviewed the first three planning types from the eBook, “Planning Deconstructed: 5 Types of Planning Crucial to Delivering on Strategy with a Dynamic and Continuous Approach,” covering financial and budgeting project plans, strategic planning, and program...

Strategic Planning: The Types of Planning That Bring Your Strategy to Life

In this blog series, we are providing an overview of the seven planning types to help you deliver on strategy with a dynamic and continuous approach. In part one, we started with the basics of strategic planning and the need for a flexible and long-term approach, so you can zig when the market, competition, or...

Types of Planning Crucial to Delivering on Strategy

Today’s world of work is fraught with complexity and an ever-increasing need for speed. This is simply a reality organizations must come to realize. However, these conditions cause planning deficiencies to be magnified. In this blog series, we will be discussing five types of planning that are crucial to delivering on strategy with a dynamic...