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Jon Terry

Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy

Jon Terry is Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy for Planview, a market leading provider of portfolio management, agile management, collaboration, and ideation software. Before that Jon was co-CEO and co-founder of LeanKit, which pioneered the application of Kanban in knowledge work. Prior to that, Jon held a number of senior IT positions with hospital-giant HCA and its logistics subsidiary, HealthTrust Purchasing Group. He was among those responsible for launching HCA’s adoption of Lean-Agile methods.

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OKRs: Objectives and Key Results

When implementing Lean-Agile practices at scale, organizations quickly realize their push for agility conflicts with traditional budgeting and cost accounting practices. It’s challenging to truly achieve organizational agility without evolving these practices. Scaling Lean-Agile practices requires organizations to evolve the way progress is measured. Instead of focusing primarily on the completion of projects, many Lean...

Enterprise Agile Planning

The Product Model: Making the Shift from Projects to Product Delivery

In part one of this series, we covered the numerous problems associated with the traditional project funding model, mentioning that organizations need to shift away from projects and toward the product model. Now, let’s get into the specifics as to why this shift is so critical. Why Move from Projects to Product? The product model...

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Problems Associated with the Project Funding Model

In today’s age of digital disruption, the ability to deliver value quickly is essential for an organization’s survival. This need is among the reasons for the growing popularity of Agile, with its ability to deliver more rapidly and enable more rapid feedback cycles with customers. Agile has come a long way from the days of...

Enterprise Agile Planning

6 Important Questions You Must Answer Before Scaling Agile

If you’ve been tasked with scaling Agile across your entire organization, congratulations. You’ve been trusted to transform your company from the inside out. You’ll need to prepare yourself for the inevitable challenges that stand in your way. And while every company is different, one thing’s for certain: there will be challenges. You’re implementing an entirely...

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Achieving Organizational Agility

Although nearly every organization on earth is vying to increase its agility, not all are achieving that goal. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey Global Survey, organizational agility, which the firm defines as, “The ability to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities,” is still elusive for most. Only...

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Achieving Agile-at-Scale: Connect Agile Delivery with Strategic Planning and Lean Portfolio Management

Everyone wants to scale agile—few know how to actually do it. The pressure is on to make this transition: Leaders see agile-at-scale as the key to digitally transforming their businesses and moving lightning fast to create the innovative products and services that will keep them competitive. Indeed, Deloitte found that becoming more agile is the...

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An Open Letter to our Customers and Partners from Tim Mulron & Jon Terry

Today, we are excited to announce that LeanKit has been acquired by Planview, and we are joining the Planview portfolio of work and resource management (WRM) solutions. By combining our two like-minded cultures, and by building on both of our companies’ strong commitment to serving our customers, we see an incredible opportunity to enable organizations to...

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Respect for People: Lean’s Neglected Pillar

Respect for People is one of the pillars of Lean and of our culture at LeanKit. We’re very proud of the respectful culture we’ve built together. It’s something that visitors and newcomers comment on when they talk about our company. But, as I had to confess at a recent company meeting, we haven’t worked as diligently on...

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Customer-Centric to the Core

At LeanKit, Lean isn’t just the product we sell. It’s in our name because we passionately believed in it when we founded the company, and we still do today. By embracing Lean across our company, we’ve adopted a customer-centric approach — not only in our product development, but also in every other department, from finance...

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Lean: It’s About Pulling Together

What Lean Teams Can Learn from Crew I was working on a conference presentation the other day and found a picture of a crew team. It reminded me of a similar picture our marketing team has used on the LeanKit website, and how well that metaphor fits both Lean and me personally. I was in crew...