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Sherrill Packebush

Product Manager

Sherrill is a Senior Product Manager for PPM Pro. She manages the product Roadmap and new feature requirements and design, working closely with customers for feedback and validation, and running the PPM Pro customer inner circle program. Sherrill has over 25 years of experience in requirements analysis, user interface design, and evaluation, focused on promoting customer success and ease of use. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a major in Human Factors/Human-Computer Interaction from Texas A&M University.

Project Portfolio Management

New Ways to Tame the IT Demand Management Beast

An indiscriminate approach to work intake and requests is a competitive disadvantage in today’s rapidly shifting business environments. Consider an IT department without an established IT demand management process: They simply say yes to everything regardless of relevance or value. Taking control of this beast requires the ability to see new project demand and route...

Strategic Planning, Vision and Trends

Rapid Reprioritization: Delivering on Strategy in the Midst of Change

In our first two posts in this blog series, we provided examples of how organizations are using dynamic planning and rapid reprioritization to pivot quickly in response to disruptive change and new opportunities. We also outlined how EPMOs and finance leaders should work together with the C-suite to make the best decisions possible in both...

Project Portfolio Management

How Savvy PMOs Keep Score to Improve Demand Management

A shared services mandate challenged a major university to merge three central IT organizations into one. To meet service delivery goals, they had to redefine and implement their IT operations and internal processes. In addition, they needed more than 800 employees to adopt them! Working with IT, the PMO started with demand management and has...

Project Portfolio Management

How the Savvy PMO Does Demand Management

Could your work intake and demand management processes use some sprucing up? Have no fear, the Savvy PMO is here! This blog series is for you whether you are inundated with work requests, need a more streamlined process, require better scoring and prioritization, or have other challenges with demand management. Using a formalized demand management...

Project Portfolio Management

Project Prioritization with Strategic Work Intake

Planview recently held a webinar with Michael Havison, Portfolio Director at Parkview Health where the focus was on project prioritization with strategic work intake. The On-Demand webinar is called, “Parkview Health: Prioritizing Project Investments with Strategic Work Intake.” We encourage you to listen to the full webinar, but in the meantime, review the following answers...