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Your Path to Work and Resource Management

Lean and Agile, Vision and Trends

Why You Should Adopt Agile Portfolio Management

If you’re managing work using an agile approach, it can be challenging to keep resources focused on the right projects that are best for the business. As your teams execute work, you need to ensure they are delivering maximum value in support…

Vision and Trends, Work Collaboration

451 Research Report: Projectplace Delivers Collaborative Edge

If you’re a card-carrying, certified project manager, you have at your disposal a well-known set of practices, tools and methodologies that can be summoned to assist with the planning and management of structured work and projects. …

Vision and Trends

10 Reasons to Vote for My SXSW Session

You may be wondering why you should take the time to vote for my SXSW 2017 proposal, Distance Makes the Teamwork Harder…Or Does It on    on working with global teams? I thought I’d make it easy for you. Here are 10 reasons you should vote…

Work Collaboration

Whoa! Teams Waste 9 Weeks a Year Collaborating Poorly on Projects?!

Do you ever wonder about the true cost of project inefficiencies in your organization? And more importantly, what could be accomplished if the common hurdles were removed? In a recent survey of 200 U.S. based project managers: 55 percent report…

Work Collaboration

Achieving Productivity and Performance Through Project Collaboration

When it comes to project collaboration technology, it doesn’t get much better than being recognized for effectively applying best practices to support your organization’s goals and objectives. I am excited to announce that Ventana…

Work Collaboration

Work Visualized with Projectplace’s New Dashboard Section

Instant access to the status of your ongoing work and projects is crucial information to stay on track with your project and reach goals, not just for you but for the whole team. From today, project managers, team members, and senior management…

Work Collaboration

Do You Need Resource Management or Workload Management?

Whether you are managing day-to-day projects in a 20-person company or managing 20+ projects per year in a highly evolved enterprise, you know it’s essential to understand resource commitments and work across projects. But do you need …


Three Takeaways from the RallyOn 2014 Agile Conference

Last week at the RallyOn annual user conference I presented Unlocking Business Agility in Multi-Methodology Environments, describing the challenges faced by organizations that rely on a mix of traditional and agile execution, and how…