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Emily Peterson

Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Emily Peterson is a Demand Gen Manager for Planview's Enterprise Agile Planning Solution, focusing on helping organizations achieve agility on their terms and timeline. She uses her professional experience in Agile marketing (as the RTE) to leverage new ways of working across the organization, connecting all parts of the business to the overall goals of the organization.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Release Trains are Key to Scaling Outcomes

The software industry developed Agile methods decades ago to help it deliver code updates on a timely basis. Over the years, Agile has been adopted elsewhere in the enterprise since many areas in business require continual updates delivered on a routine, predictable basis. Agile typically starts with small teams focused on contributing parts to a...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Global SAFe Summit Learnings: Start Small with Lean Portfolio Management

This year’s Global SAFe® Summit was bigger and better than ever. With over 2,000 attendees, great presentations and the release of SAFe® 5.0, I had a tough time figuring out where to focus this blog. Based on the number of sessions on Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) and the conversations I had at the booth around...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Royal Bank of Scotland: The Journey from Traditional Portfolio Management toward Lean Portfolio Management

Steve Marjot, recently joined Jon Terry, Chief Evangelist for Lean-Agile Strategy at Planview, for a webinar to discuss the RBS Agile transformation journey from traditional portfolio management to Lean portfolio management over the last several years. He shared successes, learnings, the obstacles overcome throughout the journey (which is still very much a work in progress),...

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Prevalent Themes at Agile 2019

What a blast Agile 2019 was this year. We met some amazing new people and re-connected with fantastic customers. Agile 2019 really brings together the tenured Agilists, along with those just starting to dip their toes into Agile practices and principles. This coming together of knowledge is what makes the event such a great place...

Work Management for Teams

6 Steps to Become a Lean Organization

THE WHY AND HOW BEHIND LEAN In previous posts, we’ve talked about the benefits of becoming a Lean organization. We’ve looked at Lean’s guiding principles, and how it’s been used to help organizations continuously improve the way they work and how they develop products. In this article, we’re going to take it a step further and explore...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Experience the Scaled Agile Difference

This is the third installment in a series of posts about the benefits of scaled Agile. If you haven’t read the first two posts, click through the links below to catch up on anything you missed: Part 1: 3 Key Shifts Necessary for Scaling Agile Part 2: Realizing the Benefits of Agile at Scale In...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Realizing the Benefits of Agile at Scale

This is the second installment in a series of posts about the benefits of realizing Agile at scale. Be sure to check out part one, “3 Key Shifts Necessary for Scaling Agile,” first. There are many benefits to scaling Agile, both tangible and intangible. Embracing an Agile mindset and culture shift across the enterprise has...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management: Frequently Asked Questions

We recently did a webinar with Richard Knaster, SAFe® Fellow at Scaled Agile, Inc, and Jon Terry, Chief Evangelist here at Planview, called “Lean Portfolio Management: What is it and how is it changing value delivery?” We encourage you to listen to the full webinar, but in the meantime, read below for answers to the...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

3 Key Shifts Necessary for Scaling Agile

With the blistering pace of technological, economic, and socio-political changes, it’s clear that enterprises have to change—not just in the products and services they provide, or the platforms through which they provide them—but also in the way they plan, fund, and execute work. For many, this change means scaling Agile. The firms that have thrived...

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Leading an Agile Transformation in Your Enterprise – An Interview with Jon Terry

Most organizations are on the path to scaling Agile within software development or IT. Although organizations are beginning to see the advantages of an Agile transformation beyond IT, a successful transformation involves more executive participation in an active way. No longer do you need to convince executives they should support scaling Agile delivery, but instead,...