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The Future Of Value Stream Management: Harnessing The Power Of Generative AI

Discover how Generative AI and VSM can elevate your organization to drive greater business value

Published By Michelle Wong
The Future Of Value Stream Management: Harnessing The Power Of Generative AI

In today’s complex software delivery landscape, achieving end-to-end visibility across the value stream is not just important; it’s urgent. It’s the linchpin for identifying bottlenecks slowing development and draining your budget.

Value Stream Management (VSM) solutions shine a light on these friction points, enabling leaders to identify areas needing improvement and take quick corrective action. The advanced software technology integrates software development and delivery tools and provides leaders with real-time monitoring of their software value streams through an intuitive analytics dashboard.

Many forward-thinking companies embrace VSM to gain a competitive edge, accelerate innovation, and avoid costly overhiring. Given the substantial investments in software development and its inherent value potential, operating without visibility into development lifecycles at scale is comparable to running a business without proper financial oversight.

In an era where software drives customer experiences, survival in today’s business landscape requires digital transformation to deliver greater value. VSM emerges as an indispensable asset. It’s not just a choice; it’s a necessity for successfully navigating the complex world of software development. With the integration of Generative AI (genAI), VSM is taken to the next level, amplifying its influence on business value and results.

Maximizing Value Delivery: The Benefits of GenAI-Driven VSM

Achieving timely software readiness and significant business impact will always be challenging if you’re not maximizing the value derived from each step in the software development process.

Before genAI, interpreting VSM data and extracting insights required manual effort or depended on experienced senior leaders to provide meaningful guidance. Unfortunately, few are VSM experts, and optimization cycles can take a long time when access to leadership is sporadic. Complicating matters further, when an organization is new to VSM, scaling adoption can be a difficult process.

Planview’s genAI assistant, Planview Copilot, enhances VSM’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating with traditional applications. It automatically analyzes value stream data in real time and functions as a virtual subject matter expert by providing prompt guidance and insights. Users can engage in a conversation with the data and ask questions such as:

  • “What is my biggest bottleneck?”
  • “What are the most critical dependencies of this workstream?”
  • “Which team is outpacing others and why?”

One significant benefit of combining genAI with VSM is that it democratizes the contribution of ideas for organizational improvement. Typically, only a few individuals are involved in development, and even fewer are experts in optimizing the process. Copilot acts as a knowledgeable advisor, bridging the gap between various teams and leaders to offer data-driven guidance and shared best practices.

Notably, Copilot not only provides recommendations but can also execute tasks on behalf of users, such as task reassignment or rescheduling. It enhances visibility for senior leaders across organizational layers and data sources, aiding in aligning teams with strategic priorities.

At a more tactical level, managers and team leaders seeking detailed information can go directly to the data and ask specific questions. Team leaders requiring senior-level advice can leverage Copilot to interpret data and make informed recommendations. This approach significantly lowers the barriers to VSM adoption, empowering developers, development managers, and senior business leaders to do their jobs better and optimize development lifecycles.

For a deeper understanding of how Generative AI and VSM can elevate your organization to drive greater business value, watch our on-demand webinar with Planview GVP, Product Management, Alan Manuel, and guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Christopher Condo.

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Written by Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong is the Content Strategist for Planview's value stream management and software toolchain integration solutions for software delivery. Her content focuses on digital transformation topics including Project to Product, Flow Framework, DevOps, Agile, and SAFe.