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Scott Townsend

Sr. Product Manager

Scott Townsend has worked closely with customers at Planview for more than 14 years. After spending 6 years on the consulting side of Planview, he took this customer-driven focus to the Product Management group where he drives innovation to enhance the execution side of Planview Enterprise One. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from The University of Virginia and an MBA from The University of Texas.

Capturing Actuals in 2020: Who Said Timesheets are Passé?

“Timesheets are passé.” “Nobody wants to do a timesheet!” “Agile teams don’t report time!” But… “All of this capitalization stuff is being pushed very hard by finance.” “[So we need] rigorous timekeeping against work.” You may be thinking that I’ve collected these quotes from a variety of Planview customers, but the reality is that these...

Resource Planning the Savvy PMO Way

This blog series is part of our quest to help you enhance your resource planning, no matter where you are on the resource management and planning capacity curve. In part one of this blog series, we covered the first two guidelines, which are all about your people: Focus on your key resources first Assign and...

How Do You Conduct Resource Planning as a Savvy PMO?

Today’s enterprises are increasingly looking to the PMO to boost the bottom line. Inadequate resource planning practices make it difficult to quickly deliver innovative products, services, and customer experiences. “The risk of poor capacity is the inability to resource projects. We have a ‘need for speed’ and need the right resources at the right time...