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Your Path to Work and Resource Management

Vision and Trends

An Executive’s Guide to Driving Innovation

When it comes to driving innovation in today’s digital era, automation is a must. Only through automated processes will you be able to capitalize on the best ideas (while killing off the bad ones) and deliver products to market faster than…

Lean and Agile

What is Agile Methodology

If you’ve worked with or around software developers in the past decade, you’ve likely heard of the Agile methodology. Agile was originally designed to help developers create higher quality software, faster and more reliably. But Agile…

Lean and Agile

A Lean/Agile Reading List to Kick-off Your Summer

The weather’s warming up, kids are kicking off their summer breaks, and many of us are switching our hot coffees to their iced counterparts—summer is officially here! Although it’s tempting to let the heat of the season curb your productivity,…