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Innovation Management

Innovation Management at Work: Real-World Use Cases

Global companies waste at least $100 billion dollars per year on innovation, according to an article in MIT Sloan Management Review. Somewhere between idea and implementation exist numerous points of failure. One of these is on the front…

Lean and Agile

How Flow-Driven Product Management Can Benefit Your Organization

It’s no secret that Kanban boards have become a popular tool to enhance the way work flows within an organization. It has long since been a favorite for operations teams who don’t work well with Scrum, but now there’s been more focus on…

Lean and Agile

Amplify and Expand Agile Team Success

How do you build a company-wide system that empowers every Agile team in your organization? Anyone can scale Agile, but it takes a true leader to build the framework that actually amplifies Agile’s benefits so that everyone is working cohesively…

Lean and Agile

Effectively Amplify the Benefits of Agile in Your Organization

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of Agile and how they’re used to help teams work smarter and more efficiently. Perhaps you already know how to implement a team-based Agile system that prioritizes innovation and continuous improvement.…

Lean and Agile

Understanding the “Why” Through Lean Tools

For years, organizations have been applying Lean principles and Lean tools to align employees around why. It helps them make smarter decisions about how to invest their time, energy, and money with clarity and purpose to become an innovative,…

Lean and Agile

5 Benefits of Using Enterprise Kanban for Scaling Agile Teams

You’ve become an Agile leader, putting the systems in place to successfully scale Agile across your entire organization. The next step is to ensure teams don’t lose momentum, carrying their same energy, enthusiasm, and urgency from…

Enterprise Architecture

5 Key Strategies to Application Portfolio Management

Now more than ever, organizations are relying on software applications and outside technology vendors to meet their information technology needs. Yet, as these requirements evolve, it becomes difficult to keep track of what applications…

Innovation Management

Innovation Management Trends

Companies of all sizes understand the importance of innovating and growing their business to avoid becoming stagnant, irrelevant, or an industry follower. One competitive advantage many top-performing companies have is how they incorporate…