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Our AI Strategy (and a Blueprint for Yours)

The future is AI-forged. Are you set to propel your business forward?

Published By Dr. Richard Sonnenblick
Our AI Strategy (and a Blueprint for Yours)

From decades of gradual developments to today’s groundswell of breakthroughs, AI has metamorphosed from a futuristic idea to a fundamental business tool. For businesses caught in the present moment, the question is no longer about “if” but “how” to integrate AI into the fabric of their strategies. 

In this post, we’ll dive into Planview’s AI journey, showcasing how AI isn’t just a tool, but a game-changing ally. Plus, we’ll outline a roadmap for your organization to craft its own AI strategy and forge ahead of your peers. 

Data: A Foundation for Insights 

The value of data cannot be overstated. At Planview, the convergence of millions of users across many thousands of customers has resulted in a colossal reservoir of data. Nested within this treasure trove are patterns, practices, and pitfalls; it’s the first pillar of our AI strategy. Harvesting these insights demands more than mere data collection—it requires skillful extraction. 

Mastering the Data Dance 

To make Planview’s data dance, we pivoted to a data mesh architecture earlier this year. This isn’t just a system—it’s a revolution in how data is structured and shared within an organization. It not only optimizes data cataloging, governance, and dissemination but also ensures data accessibility is streamlined and safeguarded. By democratizing data, we empower various facets of our organization—from Data Science research to platform applications to our customers rolling their own data insights—with the ability to harness its true potential. 

Reaping the Rewards with Classic AI/ML 

While the dazzle of modern generative AI models is undeniable, the enduring value of classic AI and ML endures. At Planview, these tools are an essential component of our strategy, granting our customers actionable insights, forecasting abilities, and preventive problem-solving mechanisms.  

The past, present, and future all converge, offering a panoramic view of insights and options. 

Conversing with Generative AI 

After classic AI lays the groundwork, generative AI elevates the conversation. At Planview, language models power our Planview Copilot, translating intricate data insights into relatable, actionable narratives. But we don’t stop there. 

By fine-tuning these models with our strategic expertise, compiled through thousands of customer engagements and backed by industry-shaping frameworks like value stream management, we supercharge them into coaches capable of fusing theory with the reality of your current initiatives.

The outcome? Tailored insights that set the Planview platform apart. 

Your AI Blueprint Awaits 

Here lies your canvas. Reflect on your unique attributes and paint a picture of how AI can amplify them. Consider the following as your paintbrushes: 

  • Identifying and harnessing your data sources 
  • Codifying your institutional wisdom 
  • How you’ll perform the challenging task of unlocking your data’s latent value 

Will your competitive advantage lie in a data source only your firm possesses, or a methodology for translating that data into insights faster than your competitors? Identifying your differentiators will help you develop an AI strategy that is uniquely suited to your strengths.   

Delving Deeper: Points to Ponder 

To truly maximize AI’s potential, there are a few more key challenges to tackle: 

How will you strike a balance between developing internal and customer-facing AI solutions? One enhances the top line of your financials, while the other can dramatically influence revenues as well as the costs of doing business. Teams capable of enabling these technologies are in demand like never before, requiring careful prioritization of initiatives. 

Are you open to a BYOAI (bring your own AI) approach? In a recent survey, 75% of large-enterprise employees admitted to using large language models to boost their productivity. 

What defines “responsible AI” within your organization and community of suppliers, partners, and customers? How will you ensure transparency, guard against bias in models, and practice effective stewardship of your data and your customers’ data? 

The Future is AI-Forged 

AI isn’t about to replace us. It’s here to reinforce the unique value only we can bring to our roles. In this dynamic landscape, companies that embrace AI will inevitably race ahead, leaving those who don’t in their digital dust. So, are you set to propel your business into the AI age? The future awaits.

Join us for an Executive Briefing. Explore how we are using AI to drive transformation and change, and how we can put AI to work within your organization today. Request an executive briefing here.

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Written by Dr. Richard Sonnenblick Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Sonnenblick, Planview’s Chief Data Scientist, holds years of experience working with some of the largest pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the world. Through this in-depth study and application, he has successfully formulated insightful prioritization and portfolio review processes, scoring systems, and financial valuation and forecasting methods for enhancing both product forecasting and portfolio analysis. Dr. Sonnenblick holds a Ph.D. and MS from Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering and Public Policy and a BA in Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.