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Marketing Project Management: From Content Development to Delivery

A blog management use case

Published By Leyna O’Quinn
Marketing Project Management: From Content Development to Delivery

Creativity is key. We’ve all heard that one before, particularly those of us in marketing. For us marketers, developing content can be an arduous process when it involves numerous people, often spread out across different departments. Without a proper collaboration tool, marketing project management can quickly become overwhelming.

As a content manager and blog editor, I understand this challenge all too well. Seeing a content idea from conception to publish requires the work of writers, subject matter experts, reviewers, a primary proofreader, and also SEO experts, graphic designers, and developers, depending on the type and length of the content. Overseeing this process means managing all of these people, ensuring each person completes their part by a set deadline, and remaining flexible if adjustments must be made.

Relying on email and spreadsheets in the past made it challenging for me to keep track of numerous content pieces in the works. I know other marketers face these exact same challenges. Once an idea was submitted to a writer, I was left in the dark as to their progress, and had to set reminders for myself to follow up when deadlines were approaching. I had to be hyper organized and it created a lot of additional busy work for me. This all changed with Projectplace. To explain the benefits, let’s walk through the creation process (I leverage the Kanban boards in ProjectPlace to establish this workflow).

How ProjectPlace benefits blog management each step of the way:

  1. Idea generation—with Kanban boards, it’s simple for anyone to create a new card under “new blog request,” then assign it to whoever has the bandwidth to write it. I can filter the board by assignee, enabling me to view everyone’s workload, and delegate accordingly.
  2. Writing—once a card is assigned to a writer or subject matter expert, it is moved to “in progress,” and all communication regarding the content is kept within the card. This way, all relevant information is kept together, rather than spread out in various emails and spreadsheets.
  3. Editing and review process—instead of continuously sending drafts to reviewers via email, documents can be uploaded to their specific cards and edited all in one place. No more losing track of the most-recent draft. This has been an amazing time saver!
  4. Meeting deadlines—each card can have a specific deadline, and I can easily view any that may be lagging or adjust due dates.
  5. Publishing—the final draft with all edits is easily available when blogs are ready to be published. The card can then be archived, to keep track of past communications regarding the content.

With the use of Projectplace, each aspect of blog management is streamlined and made more efficient. Having a view into each person’s workload, as well as the progress of each blog is invaluable, but my favorite feature is the ability to keep all communication about a specific content piece in one place. The cards and Kanban board eliminate the need for email and spreadsheets entirely, and trust me, they are not missed.

If you relate to this use case, ProjectPlace may be the solution for you. I invite you to check out the blog, “ProjectPlace Template Library is Here,” for a view into all the available templates. The transition is simple, and you will be amazed at how much easier marketing project management becomes, particularly when establishing content development processes and workflow. Try ProjectPlace for yourself by signing up for a free trial, then leave a comment below on how it is benefiting your department.

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Content Contributor: Hayley Eubanks

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Written by Leyna O’Quinn Sr. Content Strategist

Leyna O’Quinn is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified SAFe Agilist. She has been managing the Planview blog strategy for more than 7 years. She writes about portfolio and resource management, Lean and Agile delivery, project collaboration, innovation management, and enterprise architecture. She has more than 15 years of experience writing about technology, industry trends, and best practices. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing.