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Improve Sales Team Collaboration

Improve Sales Team Collaboration

Sales professionals often face team collaboration challenges—they want information at their fingertips, fast, and when they need it. Whether it be information about current deals, win/loss stories, competitive information, training, or sales enablement materials, using traditional tools like email and spreadsheets can slow collaboration and disrupt the sales cycle. So how can mangers break down silos and improve sales team collaboration?

Here are a few ways I have used collaborative work management tools like Projectplace to improve our team’s processes.

Share Win/Loss Announcements

All sales professionals want tactics for good selling. Projectplace enables this through its collaboration and social conversation features. Anyone on the sales team can share both win and loss announcements, offering learnings for others in the field as well as practical tips that can be applied to opportunities in progress. Our friends in marketing share the latest campaigns, new public relations activities, and new assets. This gives everyone the opportunity to read, collaborate, or congratulate sellers without having to wait for that weekly meeting.

Sales Document Management

Sales people often have a set of core documents they use. NDAs, contracts, collateral, sales enablement materials, the list goes on. Instead of storing these documents via email or your desktop, Projectplace provides sales teams the ability to store all necessary documents in one place, and there is version control. If marketing needs to update a product datasheet, or if business ops updates pricing docs or contracts, all changes are managed and shared in Projectplace—so everyone is always leveraging the same, up-to-date document and collateral.

For any organizations looking to uplift their sales processes or that simply need a better way to stay organized, first determine what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it is collaboration, task management, or planning, understand the group of people you are working with and how it can fit their processes.

Collaborative work management tools are not just for project managers! Projectplace can be a vital tool for any department looking to improve collaboration—like sales.

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Michael Hughes
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Michael Hughes is part of the Projectplace Commercial Sales team in Austin, Texas. Michael is an experienced Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is skilled in Sales, Team Building, Management, Account Management, and SaaS. He graduated from West Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts focused in Marketing.