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Optimizing Customer Project Management

Use Case: Managing Customer Renewals

Published By Scott Hardey
Optimizing Customer Project Management

If you have worked in a customer-facing position, you know how difficult it can be to effectively allocate the finite resources you have across a myriad of customers. Support tickets that customers submit obviously need to be handled quickly and efficiently, but overall customer project management and success is a delicate balancing act that must take many factors into account. It requires a significant amount of internal communications to coordinate these efforts, but using email as the primary communication tool is sure to present many challenges: Were all of the appropriate parties included in the email?  Are long, confusing threads developing? When members are assigned to or removed from the account does the email distribution list reflect this accurately? Are recipients reading this information on a timely basis?  Are attachments suffering from version control? Are customers erroneously being included on communications that were intended to be internal only? Using email to manage customer accounts does not ultimately serve the customer best.

Successfully managing customer renewals

Planview’s Customer Success department has left confusing email chains behind and has never looked back. We now use Projectplace, a powerful collaborative work management solution to keep track of customer projects. For example, the complex contract renewal process has countless touchpoints and documents associated with each customer: emails, notes, contracts, and invoices, to name just a few. In Projectplace, we can easily organize key information for a customer on to a “card” on a virtual task Kanban board and effortlessly attach documents, links, status updates, and more to each card. Cards are arranged in columns that represent stages of workflow, enabling an intuitive “at a glance” view of where each customer is in the process. Progressing the card through the workflow is incredibly simple with drag and drop. A variety of boards can be set up to organize customer cards by geography, product line, and more. When we’re on the go we can easily use a mobile device to manage the cards, providing timely access and updates to the entire renewals process.

So much more

Projectplace’s work collaboration is so much more than just a fancy way to replace emails and documents; its versatility and simplicity lends itself exceptionally well to the management of a variety of customer project management use cases. Because each customer and each project is inherently different, you need a tool that can be flexible. And that’s what ProjectPlace is. Its power is limited only by the limits of your creativity.

Be sure to sign up for your free ProjectPlace trial today. To learn how ProjectPlace can benefit each department in your organization, check out the following use-case blogs, covering: Public Relations, Human ResourcesBlog Management, Cross-Department Communication, Demand Generation Marketing, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Renewals, RFP Project Planning, Sales Team CollaborationCustomer Experience, Solutions Marketing, and Sales Project Management.

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Written by Scott Hardey EVP, Customer Renewals

Scott Hardey is Executive Vice President of Customer Service at Planview, an award-winning team providing implementation, support, consulting services, and education to Planview customers and partners. Under his leadership, Planview has gained a reputation as one of the most customer-focused and responsive software companies in the industry.