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Creating Innovation Capacity

The secret sauce: Accelerating innovation through better capacity planning

Published By Carina Hatfield
Creating Innovation Capacity

As a product manager, I know firsthand how important it is to create capacity for driving innovation to the marketplace. According to the newly released 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study, more organizations are discovering the importance of capacity planning to speed innovation and time-to-market. Ideas are often plentiful if the organization can’t prioritize and evaluate the impacts of those ideas on resources that already feel overcommitted, teams will likely feel more stifled than innovative.

Do you have the capacity – in other words, the people to do the work – to deliver on current commitments while making innovation a priority? A startling 59 percent of organizations say their top risk of not improving on capacity planning is the inability to complete projects on time and 48 percent are concerned about the inability to innovate fast enough. This stems from an unfortunate trend that product organizations continue to overcommit their resources – at the risk of halting or slowing innovation.

New research shows that organizations with higher capacity planning maturity have a competitive edge and new differentiator. What’s the secret? We’ve outlined five critical steps to creating innovation capacity, to move from over commitment to resource optimization and innovation success.

Get more details on the 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study at

With the right team and correct tools, capacity planning can be done efficiently with immediate benefits.

Infographic: Creating Innovation Capacity to Accelerate Time to Market

Creating Innovation Capacity to Accelerate Time to Market

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Written by Carina Hatfield Director, Product Management

Carina Hatfield always has a plan. Throughout the years, she has improved her ability to respond and re-prioritize for new ideas and unplanned events. She followed her original plan of becoming a CPA going into budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning until a new idea was prioritized and she took on the opportunity to join Planview. After six years of implementing Planview Enterprise to help organizations improve their strategic, forecasting, and planning processes, Carina has taken that experience and applied it to her role in Product Management.