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Paula Lina

VP, Strategic Sales Initiatives

Paula has been with Planview for 11 years, focusing on Pipeline Development while overseeing the Enterprise SDR Team, Enterprise Sales Enablement, Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Demand Generation Marketing, and multiple other roles and responsibilities. Throughout her 20 plus years in Technology Sales, Paula is most passionate about helping young people start their sales career and blossoming into highly effective sales reps selling value to our customers and prospects. She started the first Intern Program 7 years ago and piloted the first Early In Career program.

Improving Sales Project Management Using Projectplace

For most people involved in sales, traditional methods of project management and communication are sometimes difficult and cluttered. Often, accountability is not there, and many times, reaching somebody, or communicating something, can be arduous. There are many moving parts in each sale and with that, comes factors that can be miscommunicated or confused. From years...