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Liz Llewellyn-Maxwell

Sr. Content Strategist

Liz is a content strategist at Planview. She worked at LeanKit prior to the company being acquired by Planview. With more than 7 years’ of Agile experience, Liz passionately believes in the transformative power that practicing Lean-Kanban principles can have on teams and organizations.

Work Management for Teams

Are You Building a Collaborative Culture?

A collaborative culture is crucial for building high-performing teams and organizations. Many employees prefer to work collaboratively, but fostering teamwork is not just about making employees happy. Successful collaboration also drives better business results.  For example, a study by i4cp, the leading human capital research firm, showed that high-performing organizations are 5.5 times more likely to encourage and reward collaboration....

Work Management for Teams

Managing Multiple Projects Successfully

Part of good project management is successfully managing multiple projects when needed. Most project managers are expected to juggle a mixture of small and large projects at any given time. This is why project managers have earned a reputation for being professional multitaskers. Multitasking sounds good at first, but making it a habit can actually...

Work Management for Teams

How to be a Successful Project Manager

Project management is hard work. Even seasoned veterans with years learning how to be a successful project manager have occasional setbacks. Even when you’ve planned and executed things perfectly, the unexpected could happen. How you respond to those problems could be the difference between steering your project on course or watching it come to a...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

5 Online Project Management Trends for 2021

Once the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, many collocated organizations were forced to make the jump to remote work and online project management. This had a profound impact on the labor market, with project managers and teams having a greater responsibility to collaborate and keep an open line of communication.   Will companies return to their “normal” working environments once the pandemic is behind us? It’s...

Lean Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends, Work Management for Teams

What is Lean Transformation and Why is It Important?

What is Lean Transformation? Lean transformation is a term used to describe the strategic, tactical, and operational improvements that organizations undergo in order to create more value for their customers. These improvements represent a fundamental, collective shift in business mentalities away from traditional business practices toward a more value-driven, streamlined approach. There is no single...

Work Management for Teams

Lean Manufacturing Concepts and How to Use Them

Lean manufacturing concepts have earned their keep in many organizations, and for good reason. They enable companies to get the most out of their resources, increase productivity, and improve profitability. Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, it’s not. In an IndustryWeek report titled “The Future of Manufacturing: 2020 and Beyond,” business ranked technology investments...

Innovation Management

How Premera Blue Cross Uses Innovation Software to Drive Employee Engagement

When Premera Blue Cross needed a way to attract new customers and retain existing ones, they didn’t turn to a team of expert consultants or research firms. Instead, they went to the people closest to their customers – their employees. But Premera lacked the innovation software it needed to help gather those ideas and collaborate...

Customer Success

A Real-World Success Story: GOJO Creates New Products and Revenue Streams by Connecting Strategy and Delivery

To survive in today’s marketplace, many familiar brands – think CBS with its expanded digital distribution – have created new revenue streams as a complement to their existing products. GOJO is a stalwart organization that continues to reinvent itself to stay competitive. Here’s how GOJO Planview® Enterprise to plan and execute its enterprise product portfolio,...

Work Management for Teams

Getting Started: Top 5 Kanban Resources

The Kanban technique emerged in the late 1940s as Toyota’s reimagined approach to manufacturing and engineering. The system’s highly visual nature allowed teams to communicate more easily on what work needed to be done and when. It also standardized cues and refined processes, which helped to reduce waste and maximize value. The application of Kanban to knowledge...

Work Management for Teams

Kanban: Redefining the Importance of Process Policies

Setting explicit process policies is the special sauce for the successful implementation of Kanban. Yet in many ways it’s also the least understood step of The Kanban Method. For many people, the term “policies” conjures up images of employee manuals and handbooks. And let’s be honest, while these types of organizational documents are necessary, they’re not...