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Angie Sarmiento

Product Marketing Manager

Angie believes that neither a good customer story nor high impact product capability should be kept a secret. As solutions marketing manager, she enjoys molding a great customer use case that showcases benefits realized through Planview's products and solutions to highlight and promote the value of Planview. In her role, she is responsible for helping develop go-to-market strategy and postioning of Planview solutions, sharing her expertise to drive corporate marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement initiatives, delivering product release launches, and supporting customer advocacy and Planview’s analyst program. Fun facts: Angie has a reputation for her PowerPoint magic skills, and in her spare time teaches group fitness classes. Angie is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Project Portfolio Management

PMO Leadership: How PMOs Can Evolve into Savvy PMOs

PMO leadership today is about more than being a purveyor of governance and delivering projects on time and on budget. The Savvy PMO fosters organizational agility, cultivates efficiencies, and drives growth strategies. They meet executive expectations for informed counsel on vital business decisions such as which projects to prioritize, where to focus spending, how to...

Project Portfolio Management

How Savvy PMOs Drive Actionable Insights with Portfolio Dashboards

Does your PMO generate portfolio dashboards for stakeholders and executives? If so, do those portfolio dashboards offer the right insights and data to help inform and empower your business leaders to make quick decisions? Does it help your PMO be seen as a value driver? In a 2019 Deloitte survey of 1,000 U.S. executives, 67% revealed...

Project Portfolio Management

How Savvy PMOs Actualize Project Visibility

Does your PMO provide the project visibility and insights required to help the organization deliver on strategy? For some PMOs, project visibility is limited to just project status. This two-part blog series outlines how to design our own set of reports, analytics, dashboards, and KPIs to elevate visibility and provide the strategic insights your multiple...

Project Portfolio Management

Why a Good Project Roadmap is Beneficial to Your Project’s Success

It’s no secret that project management has its challenges, one of which is being able to communicate project plans and progress in a simple and easy way that everyone can understand. You want to keep everyone on the same page, to be able to turn complex project data into clear insights. However, a project often...

Project Portfolio Management

The World of Work is Changing—Here’s How You Can Embrace It

Has your organization evolved in terms of how work gets done? PMOs are quickly realizing that in today’s changing world of work, it’s not really about what methodologies are used to get work done that impacts results, but it’s about taking a hybrid approach to portfolios—empowering teams to use the methods and processes that will...

Project Portfolio Management

5 Characteristics of A Successful PMO Leader

Your organization is transforming. Maybe you’re part of a newly-minted project management office (PMO). Or perhaps you’re a tenured PMO leader and looking to refine your skills. You’re valiant and ready to spearhead the challenges ahead for developing process and governance. But they have given you a butter knife for the proverbial “battle” to slay...

Project Portfolio Management

Choosing the Best Resource Management Tools to Optimize Forecasting and Meet Demand

Do you know whether your organization has enough resources to get work done? And are these resources focused on the right work? When it comes to forecasting and optimization, having the right resource management tools in place is critical to understanding utilization of resources to meet existing demands, and pursue new projects while accelerating project...

Work Management for Teams

Enable Your Teams with Dynamic Sales and Project Management Software

Our goal in Solutions Marketing is to empower our internal teams with knowledge they need about Planview’s solutions and products, as well as understanding the market, competition, and external forces that affect the way we conduct business. When you think of sales and project management software commonly used in an organization, you have your usual...