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Linda Roach

Director, Solutions Marketing

Linda Roach champions solutions marketing at Planview, partnering with customers to articulate their business challenges and to quantify the value of implementing change. Linda leads Planview's agile go-to-market team for portfolio and resource management. During her tenure, Linda has helped drive Planview's market advancement and significant growth through marketing leadership roles. Previously, Linda held positions at Pervasive Software, VTEL, and Kodak where she led go-to-market initiatives for new products and product line expansion. Linda holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo.

Vision and Trends

Adaptability in Business: Accelerating Strategy Execution During Changing Times

Global benchmark study uncovers how some companies rapidly innovate and thrive under changing conditions, while others simply “get by” without evolving Adaptability in business is crucial today: Is your company among the elite that can respond effectively to change, at speed? A new global study commissioned by Planview, found a category of “Strategy Execution Leaders”...

Project Portfolio Management

Connecting Business with IT to Achieve Agility in the Financial Sector

5 questions and answers from an on-demand webinar with Santander UK Santander UK, one of the world’s largest retail and commercial banks, has been on an Agile and digital transformation journey for some time. I recently hosted a webinar with Joaquim Cols, Director of Operations for Santander Technology UK, where he described the bank’s progress...

Strategic Planning, Vision and Trends

Dynamic Planning and Rapid Reprioritization: Resilience Amid Disruption

Dynamic planning has taken on new depths of meaning recently as we react to unprecedented developments on a daily and even hourly basis. At Planview, we get it: You are being forced to make quick decisions that could have long-lasting consequences for your employees, customers, and shareholders. You must apply the agility and flexibility you’ve...

Project Portfolio Management

Become an Adaptive PMO: Advance Agility Across Planning and Delivery

What’s the top factor for future success according to nearly 4,000 project managers, PMOs, and executives? The answer may not surprise you: “Organizational agility.” The Project Management Institute (PMI) asked this question for the first time ever for its 2020 Pulse of the Profession® report, knowing that organizations are rewiring to innovate and deliver competitive products...

Project Portfolio Management

Project Prioritization as a Savvy PMO

In our previous post on prioritization, we talked about the importance of prioritizing your work. We also covered the groundwork you’ll need to know before implementing project prioritization methodologies of your own. Today, we’re going to take it a step further. If you’re new to prioritization, this post will help you learn how to identify...

Project Portfolio Management

How Do You Prioritize Your Work as a Savvy PMO?

How do you prioritize your work? Do you have a process to figure out what to do first or to identify the work that will bring the most value to the business? If your answer is “no,” keep reading; and if you answered “yes,” there is always room to improve. You may be surprised by...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Project Portfolio Management

5 Ways to Become Agile: A Summary

As we finalize our six-part blog series on how to become agile, let’s take a look back at the previous five blogs and provide you with a brief summary of their key points. Throughout this series, we’ve discussed the five ways to become agile, addressed the primary issues and roadblocks, as well as the critical...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Project Portfolio Management

The Journey Towards Embracing Agile: A Holistic Approach for the PMO

The past four blogs in our series are based on the whitepaper, The Agile PMO: 5 Steps to Driving Agility at Scale and have centered around how the PMO can guide the enterprise towards greater agility. It requires the PMO to reinvent itself from a central command organization to one that enables and empowers with...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Project Portfolio Management

Shifting from Projects to a Product-Centric Approach

In my last blog, “Agile Transformation: The PMO’s New Paradigm” we covered the significance of embracing different types of work and the role that continuous planning plays in becoming an Agile PMO—but that’s only the beginning. In Part 4, we explore the trend of turning project-focused planning and delivery into a product-centric approach to enable...

Project Portfolio Management

Agile Transformation: The PMO’s New Paradigm

In part two of this series, Agile Transformation Requires Just Enough PMO Governance, we discussed the importance of the PMO shifting from a control mentality to a more collaborative, supportive role. Part of creating a PMO capable of supporting agile transformation means giving project and product managers more autonomy to choose work methods that maximize...