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Jason Morio

VP, Product Management

In the span of his 20 year career in the technology space, Jason’s experience has run the gamut from roles in Fortune 1000 companies all the way to the “four dudes, a dog and a garage” level of startups. Jason isn’t just a spokesperson for project collaboration and the notion of “virtual teams”, he lived it in true fashion having run a software development group in Romania from his bedroom desk in Austin. He now works with several multi-faceted virtual teams that span between Austin, Stockholm and Bangalore in his current role at Planview, where he helps companies large and small to overcome the challenges they face with the ever-changing nature of collaborative projects. Twitter: @JMProjCollab

Work Management for Teams

How Product Owners and Scrum Teams Can Drive Project Collaboration

In the modern globalized economy, enterprise workplaces have many stakeholders, changing requirements, shifting deadlines and varying execution styles. This makes Agile execution increasingly challenging — particularly when managing scrum teams using multiple tools and applications. With that in mind, I interviewed Zach McDowell, product owner at Projectplace, to find out how he uses project collaboration...

Work Management for Teams

Adopting Agile Marketing Techniques [Interview]: Sprint Planning, Retrospective, SCRUM

Whether you’re trying to launch a new product or roll out a website, there’s little time to search through emails or schedule meetings to catch up on the status of projects and deliverables. The demand for better technology is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have in today’s increasingly connected world. Many marketing organizations are embracing...

Work Management for Teams

Whoa! Teams Waste 9 Weeks a Year Collaborating Poorly on Projects?!

Do you ever wonder about the true cost of project inefficiencies in your organization? And more importantly, what could be accomplished if the common hurdles were removed? In a recent survey of 200 U.S. based project managers: 55 percent report time is wasted! On average, respondents believe they waste seven hours per week because of...

Work Management for Teams

4 marketing use cases for project collaboration

How to improve organizational performance for marketers: Project execution, efficiency, and agility For marketing professionals, using traditional tools like email and spreadsheets to track projects, status, and collaboration on documents is becoming more of a pain than an efficient way to conduct business. In my 18 years in the technology space, I’ve had many product...

Work Management for Teams

Construction Workers’ View on Delivering Projects on Time and on Budget

How project collaboration can help Juggling deadlines, budgets, and contract requirements while keeping employees, sub-contractors, and clients on the same page isn’t easy in any industry. For construction business owners, collaboration between internal parties and external vendors means project managers must use specialized tools and best practices. However, better technology designed to deliver projects on...

Work Management for Teams

Achieving Productivity and Performance Through Project Collaboration

When it comes to project collaboration technology, it doesn’t get much better than being recognized for effectively applying best practices to support your organization’s goals and objectives. I am excited to announce that Ventana Research has named Henk Boerboom and AkzoNobel as Technology Innovation Leadership Award winners in the collaboration category for their use of...

Work Management for Teams

The Future of Work for Project Teams

Use Social Task Management Tools for Better Project Collaboration In today’s project-driven work environment, collaborating is a way of life. Whether on a team of 5 or 25, most agree that the project manager job is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all role. Appleseed Partners polled 200 professionals based in North America who manage and participate in...

Work Management for Teams

Avoid a Tower of Babel Scenario: Too Many Tools Create Complexity and Inefficiencies

Adopt the Right Project Collaboration Tools to Get Work Done. Today there are a plethora of collaboration tools and apps available out there. And as we are thrown into the fires of “accidental project management” and grass roots project execution, we look for tools and technologies that will help us improve project and team collaboration. ...

Work Management for Teams

Work Visualized with Projectplace’s New Dashboard Section

Instant access to the status of your ongoing work and projects is crucial information to stay on track with your project and reach goals, not just for you but for the whole team. From today, project managers, team members, and senior management get instant insight into project status and work progress with new Dashboard section...

Work Management for Teams

Do You Need Resource Management or Workload Management?

Whether you are managing day-to-day projects in a 20-person company or managing 20+ projects per year in a highly evolved enterprise, you know it’s essential to understand resource commitments and work across projects. But do you need resource management or workload management Depending on your organization’s size, project portfolio complexity, number of projects, and needs, there...