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Lean and Agile

Connect Agile Teams Using Disparate Agile Tools and Workflows

Agile ways of working and the creation of agile teams have produced positive results, so how do you now leverage that success and expand it across disparate teams to accelerate delivery in support of larger programs and strategic initiatives?…

Lean and Agile

Five Steps for Scaling Agile in Your Enterprise

Are you scaling Agile in your enterprise? It’s a challenge to take what makes one Agile team successful and amplify that across an organization. Yet, it’s becoming a necessity as organizations seek to leverage the benefits of Agile to…


Introducing Planview Enterprise 14

We get it. No one knows Planview Enterprise better than our customers who use it every day. For Planview Enterprise 14, we partnered with 140 customers across 60 organizations that participated in inner circles covering resource staffing…


How Have We Brought the Planview Enterprise UX Full Circle?

As Director of Product Management for Planview Enterprise, I have helped shape its evolution for the past 13 years. It’s been quite a journey, and the last four years in particular have been especially rewarding. In his blog post introducing…


How Last Year’s Benchmarks Compare to the Latest Research

In part one, of this two-part blog series, I isolated the five characteristics of best-in-class financial planning organizations described in The State of Capital Planning Study, published in 2012. With new data from the 2013 Long-Range…