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Marcus Klein

VP, Product Management

Marcus Klein is a director of product management at Planview, focused on delivering innovative, market-leading solutions across Portfolio and Work Management. He collaborates daily with customers and prospects, and incorporates industry trends and market conditions to shape and lead product direction, develop offerings, and define functional solutions. Marcus' focus and key areas of expertise include connecting portfolio management with agile and collaborative solutions (including both Projectplace and LeanKit), analytics and reporting, LeanKit, and the Lean and Agile delivery solution. In prior roles, Marcus lead the Planview Enterprise and Troux product lines, as well as bringing portfolio convergence to life with the launch Planview Enterprise One.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Costing Agile and Capitalization FAQ, Part II

In the first blog of this series, we took a look at some high-level questions we’ve been asked since announcing our product enhancements to support costing Agile and Agile software capitalization. In this blog, I’m going to dig a bit deeper in the how-to and answer these questions: How do you get from time to...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Costing Agile and Capitalization FAQ, Part I

Just a few short months ago, at the Global SAFe Summit in October, we announced the release of a new product capability that enables Planview customers to automatically cost Agile teamwork and subsequently better capitalize Agile software development efforts. What does this mean, you might ask? Well, our solution uses the powerful combination of Planview...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Costing and Capitalization: Still a Significant Barrier to Scaling Agile

As a professional working in technology, it amazes me how much business has changed over the years. I’ve seen PMOs move from project management to portfolio management. I’ve seen Agile move from the team to team of teams. Now, I’m watching as we question, challenge, and evolve again with the rise of Lean Portfolio Management and the move to a product-centric...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Connect Agile Teams Using Disparate Agile Tools and Workflows

Agile ways of working and the creation of agile teams have produced positive results, so how do you now leverage that success and expand it across disparate teams to accelerate delivery in support of larger programs and strategic initiatives? The challenge is helping multiple teams that use disparate agile execution solutions to work together effectively...

Agile Program Management, Enterprise Agile Planning

Five Steps for Scaling Agile in Your Enterprise

Are you scaling Agile in your enterprise? It’s a challenge to take what makes one Agile team successful and amplify that across an organization. Yet, it’s becoming a necessity as organizations seek to leverage the benefits of Agile to create innovative digital products and services. For example, an airline may have a sleek mobile app,...


Introducing Planview Enterprise 14

We get it. No one knows Planview Enterprise better than our customers who use it every day. For Planview Enterprise 14, we partnered with 140 customers across 60 organizations that participated in inner circles covering resource staffing and connecting investments with strategies and outcomes. The result? The enhancements in Planview Enterprise 14 streamline daily tasks...


How Have We Brought the Planview Enterprise UX Full Circle?

As Director of Product Management for Planview Enterprise, I have helped shape its evolution for the past 13 years. It’s been quite a journey, and the last four years in particular have been especially rewarding. In his blog post introducing Planview Enterprise 12 just a month ago, Patrick Tickle mentioned that we have brought the...

Project Portfolio Management

Getting Your Executives Involved in Long-Range Planning—Part 1

Getting Executives Involved in Long-Range Planning and Benchmarking Your Company’s Long-Range Planning Process is the First Step Towards Improvement If you were given the opportunity to directly influence your company’s success, would you take it? Would you want to help on develop the plans, direction, and spending of your organization? Or would you avoid such...