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451 Research Report: ProjectPlace Delivers Collaborative Edge

Thinking beyond project management

Published By Jason Morio
451 Research Report: ProjectPlace  Delivers Collaborative Edge

If you’re a card-carrying, certified project manager, you have at your disposal a well-known set of practices, tools and methodologies that can be summoned to assist with the planning and management of structured work and projects.  And if all work was structured and all of us were classically trained in the ways of project management, well…we’d all go about our structured work days with relative ease.

Clearly this is not a true reflection of reality.  Most us are not, in fact, project managers (and never aspire to become one) and most of the work being done every day is not structured, particularly if you happen to reside outside of IT and in a line-of-business area.  Here in these murky waters of unstructured work and “accidental project managers”, the recipes for success and prescriptive toolkits are not as well-known and often don’t easily accommodate the ways in which these line-of-business teams work.  The challenges are very real and while collaborative outlets are often pursued as potential solutions to help teams connect and communicate better, collaboration without context or purpose usually amounts to little more than a collection of digital water-cooler conversations.451 Research Report on Projectplace

A recent 451 Research Report explores this area of unstructured work and recognizes ProjectPlace as “a way to bring organization and visibility to unstructured group work”. Analysts Carl and Lehmann and Liam Rogers praise Planview for crafting a strategy beyond the PPM and EA markets to carve a niche in the Work and Resource Management space.

Specifically, 451 Research notes that Planview’s acquisition of ProjectPlace shows the company’s acumen for understanding the value in “purpose-driven” collaboration. Some of the highlights from this report include:

  • ProjectPlace is helping Planview appeal to line-of-business groups outside of IT
  • Planview is targeting not only those who view themselves at project managers, but any user, casting a wide net to a broad market
  • ProjectPlace can be integrated with Planview Enterprise and Innotas, offering cross-selling opportunities across both customer bases

The 451 Research Report provides a deep dive into the capabilities of ProjectPlace and the unique value it provides via integrations with Planview Enterprise and Innotas, along with their SWOT analysis of Projectpalce.

If you’d like to get another viewpoint on the report, check out a Planview blog by Linda Roach, 451 Analysts: Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management Should Be Inextricably Linked.

To learn more about Work and Resource Management, check out how Planview’s Work and Resource Management solutions are delivering a practical way to plan and execute work and leverage resources to realize your strategy.

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Written by Jason Morio VP, Product Management

In the span of his 20 year career in the technology space, Jason’s experience has run the gamut from roles in Fortune 1000 companies all the way to the “four dudes, a dog and a garage” level of startups. Jason isn’t just a spokesperson for project collaboration and the notion of “virtual teams”, he lived it in true fashion having run a software development group in Romania from his bedroom desk in Austin. He now works with several multi-faceted virtual teams that span between Austin, Stockholm and Bangalore in his current role at Planview, where he helps companies large and small to overcome the challenges they face with the ever-changing nature of collaborative projects. Twitter: @JMProjCollab