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Project Portfolio Management

Can We Be That PMO? Deliver What Business Leaders Want and Need

Are you tired of unplanned work constantly taking priority and not being able to effectively plan across everything the business wants and the organization needs to support? Do you wish that you had a portfolio management with investment…

Project Portfolio Management

Ready to Be That PMO? Focus on Values and Outcomes

While PMOs have been historically focused on project methodology and compliance with internal processes, it is becoming more evident that the business stakeholders aren’t finding the value in these activities. Business leaders are looking…

Project Portfolio Management

Facing the Challenges of Today’s PMO

In a perfect world, the PMO delivers value and can adapt when necessary. They are engaged with their business partners, participate in planning and prioritization, adjust estimates and pivot to new priorities based on new information. But…

Project Portfolio Management

Win the Race: Deliver the Greatest Impact with Continuous Planning [Video]

Let’s face it, the annual plan is a lot like making a New Year’s resolution to exercise more – It’s a great idea but not always realistic. Just like in business, you may establish a plan to run a marathon. Throughout your training, things happen.…

Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management

Creating a Results-Oriented Culture

Mature Organizations Continuously Plan Throughout the Year, Not Just Annually In this four-part series, I’m discussing planning challenges and offering best practices that can help companies improve efficiencies and gain strategic…

Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management

Is the Annual Process Disconnected from the Realities of Your Business?

Under pressure to reduce costs, justify headcount, and deliver more while providing business sponsors with the status of projects? Do you feel like annual planning is a one-time exercise and not a true reflection of strategic objectives?…