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Carina Hatfield

Director, Product Management

Carina Hatfield always has a plan. Throughout the years, she has improved her ability to respond and re-prioritize for new ideas and unplanned events. She followed her original plan of becoming a CPA going into budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning until a new idea was prioritized and she took on the opportunity to join Planview. After six years of implementing Planview Enterprise to help organizations improve their strategic, forecasting, and planning processes, Carina has taken that experience and applied it to her role in Product Management.

Project Portfolio Management

Be the PMO that Drives Continuous Planning

Nobody said transforming the role of the PMO would be easy. You’re not only tasked with delivering programs and projects on time and within budget but also promised value with limited capacity.  Worse, the PMO sits between annual planning activities and stakeholders who want to move faster than ever expecting greater agility. Are your annual...

Project Portfolio Management

Evolving Your Planning Process for the Digital Economy

Is unplanned demand proving to be a disruptive force in your organization? When it comes to fitting in new projects with limited capacity, you may be facing the painful reality that annual planning isn’t working. Continuous planning in a digital economy may be the answer. If today’s constantly evolving landscape is causing chaos in your...

Project Portfolio Management

Top 4 Capabilities of Enterprise Planning Software

We first established you can achieve greater business agility through updated plans (see Part 1: Why Companies Want to Improve Plan Accuracy). Then, we confirmed that technology is key into implementing continuous planning (Part 2: Thinking Beyond the Annual Plan). What about enterprise planning software? In Part 3, I want dive into what to look for...

Project Portfolio Management

Thinking Beyond the Annual Plan

In part one of this three part series, I discuss how Companies want to Improve Plan Accuracy and can do so with continuous planning – summarizing key takeaways from a new study and eBook by Ventana Research. This blog is about the need to think beyond the annual plan and to learn about the top four...

Project Portfolio Management

Companies Want to Improve Plan Accuracy

If your organization spends months on the annual planning process, it’s likely you are familiar with this scenario: After setting the annual plan, inevitable change happens…new information becomes available… projects are organically delayed and new projects are added without any prioritization or revisions to the annual plan or portfolio. There is general confusion over how to improve plan...


How Can Your Organization Drive Growth and Innovation with Strategic Planning?

Does your organization create well-articulated strategies that paint a vision of growth and exciting innovation? Do you and your team understand how those break down into what needs to be done in order to actually achieve them? Are you left wondering who is working on those while your “strategic projects” feel more disconnected and less,...

Product Portfolio Management

Creating Innovation Capacity

As a product manager, I know firsthand how important it is to create capacity for driving innovation to the marketplace. According to the newly released 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study, more organizations are discovering the importance of capacity planning to speed innovation and time-to-market. Ideas are often plentiful if the organization can’t...


How Can Your Organization Leverage Portfolio Management to Drive Digital Transformation?

Are you thinking about digital transformation? Well, according to the world, if you aren’t you should be. Digital innovation is the theme from annual reports to company websites. While digital transformation may be a buzz phrase, every industry is going through it even if they don’t appear so on the surface. Executives want to assure...


How Do You Turn Strategic Goals into an Executable Plan?

Having played a big role in Planview Enterprise 12, I find myself reflecting on what we are striving to help our customers achieve in terms of prioritization and capacity planning, along with what is happening with IT today. Technology has integrated itself in every aspect of our lives as well as business. To stay competitive,...


What Does a Program Manager Need to Execute on Strategy?

The Project Management Institute defines a program as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually. But, what is a program – really? And what is a program manager? Programs are intended to accomplish a business objective. This requires individuals who can...