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Planview Stands with the People of Israel 

Published By Razat Gaurav
Planview Stands with the People of Israel 

It has been a tough week for many as the tragedy and violence in Israel and Gaza continue to unfold. Like many of you, the leadership team and I have spent considerable time discussing, debating, and reflecting on these events.  

We are profoundly saddened by the terrorist attacks on Israel and the escalating conflict and humanitarian crisis in the region.

Together, we condemn these tragic acts of violence and stand behind our team, their families, and the people of Israel. Our top priority remains on ensuring the safety of our employees and their families.  

We are staying in close contact with our team members in Israel. We are working closely with the local leadership team to support in any way possible, including:   

  • Providing flexibility and support to ensure our team members can take care of their personal safety and the safety of their families.  
  • Holding daily check-ins with the team to provide time for local questions and immediate guidance.  
  • Rescheduling holidays and unplugged days to a more appropriate date and time.  
  • Expanding our meal card to include weekends (i.e., not restricted to working days).  
  • Ensuring that our Mental Health providers and services are available to our team members.  

Planview initiated an online fundraising campaign to raise money focused on humanitarian efforts in Israel, with all proceeds going to Israel’s national medical emergency, disaster, ambulance, and blood service, Magen David Adom.  

We welcome our employees, customers, and partners to donate to the campaign. Planview will match funds up to $25,000 (USD). 

Magen David Adom’s activities include:   

  • Responsibility for all of Israel’s first-aid training  
  • Providing and maintaining Israel’s 1,716 ambulances  
  • The collection and supply of 300,000 units of blood each year  
  • Cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent  

The reach and impact of this crisis extend deep into the communities and networks of our employees, customers, and partners. We recognize the mental toll these events have on people inside and outside of the region.  

At Planview, supporting our colleagues, putting people first, championing respect and inclusion, and having each other’s backs are built into the foundation of each of our core values.  

We stand in solidarity with and beside our Israeli team members and those impacted by this crisis, and we continue to encourage and support a peaceful resolution. 

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Written by Razat Gaurav CEO

Razat Gaurav is chief executive officer of Planview, joining the company in 2021. He is a trusted advisor to leading executives, boards and investors on topics related to digital transformation initiatives. Razat serves on the Advisory Board of the University of Michigan’s Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) department. He is also engaged in various philanthropic and policy initiatives related to medical research, STEM education across minorities and efforts to reduce carbon emissions.