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Planview’s Force for Good Week: Driving Positive Change Together

Published By Ryan Walton
Planview’s Force for Good Week: Driving Positive Change Together

At Planview, we strongly believe in the power of our employees to drive positive change. That’s why our Force for Good initiative encourages and supports employee volunteerism. We provide volunteering opportunities during work hours, enabling our employees to actively contribute their skills and time to better their communities. Through employee-led initiatives and corporate giving, we foster a culture of giving back, making a tangible impact. This initiative makes a specific focus on furthering STEM education, serving underprivileged children, and fighting food insecurity.

Collaborating with Community Partners:

We understand that true and lasting change is achieved through collaboration. Planview actively collaborates with community partners, including nonprofits, educational institutions, and industry associations. By pooling our resources, expertise, and collective knowledge, we amplify our impact and create sustainable outcomes that address pressing community challenges.

Our Annual Force for Good Week: May 2023

In May, Planview celebrated “Force for Good Week,” a dedicated period of intensified impact and community engagement. Throughout the week, employees and participants joined forces to drive positive change and create a lasting impact in their communities. Below are just a few stories from the week. We shared even more images over on our Instagram page.

Our team in Seattle worked with Food Lifeline and packed 6,703 pounds of food to be distributed to 17 counties in the State of Washington to food banks and shelters.
Planviewers in Colorado crew spent time at the Food Bank of the Rockies, packing 908 boxes of food (more than 27,240 pounds of food) that will ultimately serve 22,700 meals for older and home-bound citizens of Colorado and Wyoming.
Our team in India hosted an event at the Bangalore office, where approximately 50 children paid a visit. The day includes dancing, environmental awareness campaigns, a cozy watch party, and distributing back-to-school kits to ensure their smooth transition into the upcoming term.
The Vancouver marketers and SDRs kicked off Force for Good week by volunteering half a day at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank warehouse. They spent the afternoon packing pre-school food bags.
Our Israel team (along with our CEO Razat Gaurav), spent time volunteering with Leket Israel logistic center, a local non-profit organization focused on supplying food to families in need across the country. They deliver healthy and nutritious food to 263 NPOs throughout Israel, serving 223,000 Israelis in need, each week.
Our team in Sweden team spent time volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House in Stockholm. The Ronald McDonald House is a place of refuge for families with children undergoing heavy medical treatment. It provides a warm and supportive environment, offering comfort and solace during challenging times.

Planview’s Force for Good initiative exemplifies our unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact on society. Through empowering nonprofits, supporting employee volunteerism, driving environmental sustainability, and collaborating with community partners, we are making a meaningful difference. Thanks to all our team members around the world for making this week so special!

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Written by Ryan Walton

Ryan is Planview’s Social Media Manager and has over 17 years of experience in communication and community building. He’s a huge San Francisco Giants fan, dad joke extraordinaire and loves 90's rom-coms. He lives in Northern California with his two children.