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Enterprise Agile Planning

Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning solution provides organizations with a way to plan, coordinate, and manage how they deliver the highest priority initiatives across the enterprise. Apply Lean-Agile principles to pivot planning, funding, and capacity to the best business opportunities. Visualize value as it flows from the portfolio down to the delivery of work across the teams. Track investments against outcomes to make sure your organization is on track and delivering the value your customers demand.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Identifying Your Value Streams: Frequently Asked Questions

Contributors: Jon Terry, Susan Gibson, Siraj Sirajuddin We recently hosted a webinar titled, “How to Identify Your Value Streams” with Jon Terry from Planview and Siraj Sirajuddin and Susan Gibson from Temenos+Agility. During the webinar, we shared the importance of identifying value streams and how to do so in a responsible and virtual manner. Throughout...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Transformation: Mid-range Planning [Videos]

Executives and team members offer perspectives Agile transformation is a journey. Planview has been on that journey doing mid-range aka PI Planning for more than a year. To help customers understand how far we’ve come, we conducted a series of video interviews with different people in the organization – executives, product owners, and team members...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Virtual Teams

Virtual or Remote PI Planning: Frequently Asked Questions

Contributors: Jon Terry, Siraj Sirajuddin, Susan Gibson As organizations try to accommodate a fully virtual workforce, we were asked by our customers, How do I do virtual or remote PI Planning now? We know our customers aren’t the only ones asking this question, and in fact, they’re not; we are, too. We do PI Planning...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Lean Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

Rewiring Planview to Accelerate On-Strategy Delivery – From the Teams to the Portfolio

Planview named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools At Planview we know that all organizations pursue the path to becoming a Lean-Agile enterprise differently. We understand this path because we’ve traveled it ourselves. For the past 30 years, Planview was focused on the world of portfolio management. But several years...

Enterprise Agile Planning

The Heartbeat of Scaling Agile: Planview Agile Program Management Bundles

It’s no secret, Planview has been in the project portfolio management game for nearly 30 years. We know project portfolio management – the different flavors and maturity models of how portfolios evolve over time. What you might be surprised to discover is our knowledge and expertise in scaling Agile. I’d like to take a little...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Virtual Teams

How to do Virtual PI Planning

Just like many of you, we at Planview are trying to figure out how to do PI Planning in a world that doesn’t allow in-person interactions right now. While I understand the idea of doing virtual PI Planning is daunting, I don’t think the answer is to stop planning together. From my viewpoint, planning together is more...

Enterprise Agile Planning

OKRs: Objectives and Key Results

When implementing Lean-Agile practices at scale, organizations quickly realize their push for agility conflicts with traditional budgeting and cost accounting practices. It’s challenging to truly achieve organizational agility without evolving these practices. Scaling Lean-Agile practices requires organizations to evolve the way progress is measured. Instead of focusing primarily on the completion of projects, many Lean...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Learnings from a Newly Formed Agile Team [Team Interview]

Like many organizations today, Planview has been on its own Agile transformation journey for more than a year now. As a seasoned member of the corporate marketing team and first-year Scrum Master, I’ve had the opportunity to see how “being Agile” has taken shape across the business and how adopting Agile principles has changed the...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Costing Agile and Capitalization FAQ, Part II

In the first blog of this series, we took a look at some high-level questions we’ve been asked since announcing our product enhancements to support costing Agile and Agile software capitalization. In this blog, I’m going to dig a bit deeper in the how-to and answer these questions: How do you get from time to...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Where Are You on Your Path to the Lean-Agile Enterprise?

Even if it is only a conversation, in the new decade, your organization is likely on the path to Agile maturity. From enabling customer value delivery at speed to empowering organizations to adapt to changes in the marketplace with strategic insight and visibility, Lean-Agile practices offer significant value for modern organizations. Implementing these practices, however,...