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New in Planview Viz®: Time-to-Market Insights

Published By Debbie Konrad
New in Planview Viz®: Time-to-Market Insights

It’s a fine line … the balance between having enough data and having the right data. For IT and business leaders who are inundated with data from disparate teams and systems, it can be a challenge to understand how—or even whether—the information in front of them truly impacts their business goals. That’s why we built the Portfolio Insights Dashboard in Planview Viz®: to give these leaders a way to drive systemic improvements and ensure problems aren’t disguised by local optimizations or proxy metrics. Today, we’re excited to tell you about the latest addition to this dashboard: Time-to-Market Insights! 

Portfolio Insights – A refresher 

Portfolio Insights is the place within Planview Viz where team-of-teams leaders come to see how their product value streams are performing overall. It aggregates and rolls up the data from individual product value streams so they can see and understand trends around delivery speed, performance, and quality. This overarching view allows for end-to-end visibility into every value stream that makes up the portfolio.  

Now, in addition to the insights that already measure progress in the shift from project to product, business agility, and improvement within product management, Portfolio Insights will shine a light on the ways cross-value stream dependencies and constraints are impacting value delivery to customers.  

New! A data-led lens for accelerating time-to-market! 

IT leaders sometimes wish they had a crystal ball, that would show them how restructuring their teams could help them maximize flow and minimize delays in delivering value to customers. But the cross-value stream dependencies and constraints that slow them down are often invisible at the individual value stream level. That’s why we’ve added Time-to-Market insights to Portfolio Dashboards—so they can understand where these slowdowns are happening and how to fix them—no crystal ball required. 


This card shows leaders the speed—or the Flow Time—of every product value stream in the portfolio so they can see two things: 

  • The fastest and slowest moving product value streams in the group 
  • The Flow Time outliers for each Flow Item, whether it’s Features, Defects, Risk, or Debt. 

Pinpointing the fastest and slowest moving products within a portfolio gives leaders the information they need to focus on problem areas (for the value streams where Flow Time is slow) or successes (for value streams where Flow Time is fast). For slow outliers, they can uncover hidden dependencies and shift resources or budgets to speed up time to market. And conversely, they can see what is going right (and why) in fast-moving value streams so those best practices can be replicated across the entire portfolio.  

Drill down into the details  

As with all the Portfolio Insights, a single click takes you from the macro to the micro view where you can see granular details of each individual product value stream within the portfolio.  

Here, it’s instantly evident which of the value streams and which of the Flow Items are being delivered faster or slower than the median. This view offers context for data-led decisions about where leaders might need to shift resources or budget to accelerate Flow Time. Instead of operating in a vacuum, senior leaders can use this information to create impact and act in a way that’s aligned with business strategy. Managers, in turn, get a more detailed view that lets them examine the dynamics and blockers of their own value streams so they can be accountable for their parts in the overall journey to continuous improvement.   

In concrete terms, imagine this example: every feature must be tested and validated through a backend/infrastructure value stream. This value stream is a critical dependency within the portfolio and has the potential to slow down everything it touches, even the value streams whose features are being developed at lightning speed! If leaders can’t see this connection, they won’t be able to predict risks or take measures to mitigate those risks and keep critical projects on track. 

Curious about how you can start using Portfolio Insights to understand and accelerate your own time to market? Speak to us today for a personalized demo and learn how value stream management can kickstart your digital transformation. 


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Written by Debbie Konrad